Apple Strudel Biscuit Review

I have found the mother of all hamster treats.
The hamster treat to rule all hamster treats.
Its the hamster equivalent to KFC’s popcorn chicken for us humans *drools*…

Anyway what is this godly feast for the small furries?
Apple Strudel Biscuits.
You read that correctly, APPLE STRUDEL BISCUITS.

These hamsters get fed better than me I swear! 

Anyways here is the packaging, almost empty as I wasn’t quite prepared for the love explosion around them 😛
FIRST of all, brownie points for the whole concept. Hamster aren’t all into the routine nut and honey treat thing. They must get sick of that stereotype. And someone has finally thought up of APPLE STRUDEL BISCUITS for hamsters?! Holy moly, thats cool! No wonder they chomped them down quicker than anything Ive seen !!!

They are from Pets At Home and are very reasonably priced (less than £2.00) and even sometimes on 3 for 2 offers so picking up lots of treats is cheaper than ever!

They are quite big things these biscuits so for the price you definitely get your moneys worth. They are very cute looking and look very appetising — and thats coming from me! They consist of a biscuity shell and have a bright green appley centre. Its all dried out so packs a real crunch, and must be incredibley tasty because all three hamsters go banana’s apple’s for them!

I have photos and videos of Casper and Dexter to show you, but I have to put the spot light on Dexter today because he just provided many giggles yesterday when chowing down on one of these biscuits.

He was perched on my boyfriends arm, making a lot of mess, nibbling away on one of these tasty apple strudel delights.

So as you can see from the picture above, these biscuits are a two-paw job, so quite large for a treat. Hey, I’m not complaining! They all do enough running about to burn off the fat from treats 😛

So yes, Dexter was claiming his treat and not letting go for ANYONE! He instantly sunk his teeth into them and boy oh boy, he didnt stop till it was all gone (by all gone, I mean all stuffed into his cheek for midnight nibbles) ;D

And so the scoffing begins.

I also took a video. It takes me a while to edit all my videos together, Im very fussy with that kind of thing, but this one didn’t need toughing at all to be honest. This is a video of Dexter literally scoffing this treat into his cheeks.

Its super cute and I’d love it if you’d all watch it. Its about a minute and a half and seriously, watch it to the end – this hamster manages to stuff the whole treat in his face and looks just hilarious with a lumpy cheek! No prizes for hiding the treat though Dexter, we all can see it!

Apologies for the cheesey music. I wanted something foody (foody music was a big ask) and my brain just failed me at the last hurdle.

So back to the treats themselves.

They are tasty, affordable, decent sized, appealing to look at and just all round the perfect hammy treat. I genuinely can’t think of any negatives!!! I will post Casper’s reaction to the treat in the next few days, I have a video for him too!!! 😀

Have a great Friday everyone!!! 😀

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14 thoughts on “Apple Strudel Biscuit Review

  1. I’d buy it!

  2. Lmfao, those last couple of seconds where he shoved it all in his cheek had me in stitches! must be a great treat!

    • Yeeeah isnt it just funny!!! 😀 he literally just went for it, and within a few seconds it was gone! 😛 You’ll enjoy Caspers little video when i get round to that, its even funnier than this 😛

  3. Aw, eating with both paws there – too cute!

  4. I bought these treats but my hamster didn’t like them sadly! He is super fussy though, he’ll only eat certain things and cannot be tempted into trying something he refuses at first glance. He loves anything with honey or popcorn in it. I’ve actually been buying him the vitamin treats, which he adores! Did you see they’re doing a Christmas hamster selection there?

    • Aww noo, I have to say my three are usually incredibley fussy and rather the stuff theyve had before and this is the first treat theyve all gone for crazily! 😛 Awww what honey/popcorn treat do you best recommend, I can get some and review them too 😀 I love letting them try all new things 😀
      I saw a few weeks back but it was a very limited list of things. Ill have to check this out! I definitly will be putting a hammy stocking together, and probs post about it too! 😀 Gotta love a bit of animal-crimbo-spirit 😀 xxxx

      • Aww maybe Flake has silly taste buds ;). I usually just buy him the pets at home honey hanging treats – the ones with popcorn go down a treat! There are lots of bits that fall off and into the bottom of the pack too, so you can add it to the food bowl as an extra treat when they are used up! xxx

  5. Toff's Gran

    It was almost as if he thought it might be taken off him. Made me laugh too!

  6. You most certainly are feeding them better than I feed myself. Even I want to eat those apple strudel biscuits! We don’t have hamster food like this here in Hong Kong… *sigh*

  7. Awww. They look nommy. Abd suitable for piggies too! Hmmm. Whee wonder when Mummy is going shopping?!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    ps. Whee wondered if you had missed our panto pet pigture contest? Whee would really love it if Eve, Dexter and Casper could enter. Whee haven’t had any hammy entries yet.

  8. HAHAHAHAAH this is SOOOO funny! It’s like around 1 min he’s thinking: ‘crap, I am full, Where can I hide this?’ LOOOL!
    I found REALLY miniature bite-sizes dog-bone shaped (dog) treats the other day. We have a winner! They are great because the mix I give the girls right now doesn’t contain any proteins and they need them!

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