“Change The Channel Mom!”

There is nothing worse than a stroppy, demanding hamster.
Oh wait, yes there is.
A stroppy, demanding hamster with the telly remote! :O

We are very encouraging toward the hamsters when they are exploring out of their cages. Its nice for them to get a change of scenery, smell the different smells and lick everything they come into contact with – for them, its an adventure 🙂

So Casper was out exploring away, when he decided to sit on the TV remote.
Lucky for us, he doesnt have the weight behind his little paws to actually push the buttons down.

So sorry Cas, its going to stay watching cr*p TV for the time being 😉

Oh don’t you pull that face at me mister!!! 😛

Do your furries have a favourite TV show or films?? Hammy Potter and the Philosophers Stone perhaps?

*Insert pet pun in here*

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10 thoughts on ““Change The Channel Mom!”

  1. Wonder what channel would have been chosen then. Is he a fan of Animal Planet?

    • He doesnt react at all to animal channels unfortunately, think its his deafness that stops most of the sound reaction. However I have noticed Eve’s ears prick up when theres animal noises, but not often enough for me to know if shes clocking that or not 😛

  2. Ha ha ha – put some weight on Cas!

  3. Ha! Casper probably wants to watch Animal Planet. Once I fell asleep on the remote and started recording Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on the DVR!

    Love and licks,

    • Hahaha he wants to join the wild ;D Itrs exciting there, but no treats on demand and no cosy warm beds… hmmm maybe he’ll stay in luxury for a little longer 😉 Awww Cupcake you a fan of the Real Housewives!! 😀 Its a guilty pleasure sweetie, you have good taste ;D xxxxx

  4. Whee like the film Piggy Pan! Tehehe! Whee also like watching X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing with Mummy!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • You guys have superrrrrb taste in telly 😀 I hope you try to re-enact the dances on Strictly. Thats the sign of a true tellybox fan 😛 xxxxx

  5. Starfruit

    Hahaha! You’re spoiling them rotten ;-P

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