Good Treats For Hamsters

After my post a few days ago telling you all what foods and snacks are dangerous for hamsters it was pointed out how I definitely should compile a list of foods and treats that ARE allowed for hungry hamsters ๐Ÿ˜€
Here, as promised, is that list (its pretty long and I have taken some suggestions from old forum threads to try and cover every angle) ๐Ÿ˜›

Avocado (skinned and seedless)
Cabbage – should only be fed in small amounts occasionally as too much can cause health problems
Cauliflower leaves and stalks
Chinese Leaves
Corn Salad
Curly Kale
Green beans
Kale – should only be fed in small amounts occasionally as too much can cause health problems
Kidney Beans (cooked)
Kiwi Fruit
Logan Berries
Parsley – a good tonic (Aparrently)

Plums – stones should be removed as can be dangerous when gnawed
Potato (only cooked)
Rhubarb (cooked)
Rocket Chard
Star Fruit
Sweet Potato
Soybean Sprouts
Sweet Peppers
Ugli Fruit
Water Chestnuts
Water Spinach
Almonds (sweet almonds, shelled)
Biscuits (not chocolate ones obviously)
Boiled Potatoes
Brazil Nuts
Bread (fresh or stale)
Cashew Nuts
Chicken (cooked)
Dog Biscuits (one of my past hamsters LOVED dog biscuits)
Egg (scrambled or boiled)
Hazel Nuts
Pecan Nuts
Peanuts (shelled or unshelled)
Pistachio Nuts
Sweet Chestnuts
Toast (even the crusts! ๐Ÿ˜› )

With any kinds of nuts, make sure before feeding them to your hamster they are non-salted as the salted varieties are incredibly bad for hamsters. Also with nuts, too many can cause upset bellies so they should be treats for once in a while maybe.

There were some treats on this list that were mentioned on the forum posts that I have personally taken out becuase I believe them to be stupid suggestions for treats and could cause a hamster owner to make a terrible treaty-mistake. (Cake for example was a suggestion which is not a smart move as cake is sugary, fattening and who knows what kinds of artificial flavourings and colourings could be in them that could cause tummy problems for hamsters)

I hope your hamsters have a tasty evening ๐Ÿ˜€
Click here to see what NOT to feed your hamster.

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14 thoughts on “Good Treats For Hamsters

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  2. Wow mealworms?! I would have never thought… I know sugar gliders eat them, but didn’t know hamsters could. Nice list ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Crickets were also suggested but I removed that from ym list becuase mainly Im not quite comfortable promoting live insects for hamster food lol, I could imagine a cricket escaping the cage and all hell breaking loose! ๐Ÿ˜› x

  3. once again, great information for me to have. You never know when someone will need this and I feel better equipped to help them. Thank you.

  4. No reason for a hamster to get bored with food, ever then!

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  6. Slot this post as a static page under your FAQ. It’s that valuable, so the rest of us can refer to it easily. Good job.

    • Thats a brilliant idea, I have slacked a little on my FAQ page, would definitely be a good addition. I shall add both treaty pages to it as soon as I get chance, thank you for the advice :))

  7. chloe

    they also like dried food like dried carrots , figs ,,,apple, pear…etc

  8. Hana ahmed

    a wide veritey

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  10. Sheila Ramirez

    I read on other pages avacado is bad and almonds. My hamster, DJ, loves blackberries and stands on his hind legs to grab them from me like catching a football. He is very friendly now. Runs to cage door if I open it to greet me.

  11. Janet Shelton

    Ok! I’m confused, the bad list and the good list for what a hamster can or cannot eat both have peanuts on it? What gives? Janet

    • Peanuts contain aflatoxin, which is toxic to hamsters in too large a quantity – so they’re only on the bad list really if given in crazy proportions. I should have clarified this a bit better in my articles – thank you for pointing it out Janet! ๐Ÿ™‚

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