What NOT To Feed Your Hamster

Treating your furry needn’t be a chore. Finding new and tasty treats for your hamster is simple enough.
However there are a few things that you cannot feed your hamster and its super duper important to be aware of these things. The last thing you want to do is give your furry an upset belly or worse!!

I have taken this list from a website called smallanimalchannel.com and they have actually provided really informative notes alongside each treat-no-no so you know why not to feed them to your pets too.

Some of these may be obvious (like chocolate for example) but its always handy to see a long list of naughty foods in one place.

  • Almonds — contain cyanide, which can kill hamsters in enough quantity
  • Celery, whole stalks — stringy texture could choke a hamster
  • Chocolate (particularly dark chocolate) — contains theobromine, which causes circulatory problems for hamsters
  • Unwashed fruits — poses danger to your hamster from pesticides
  • Garlic — may cause indigestion
  • Kidney beans, uncooked —toxic to hamsters
  • Lettuce, iceberg — can cause liver problems in hamsters if eaten in excess
  • Onion — N-propyldisulfide causes damage to the hamster’s red blood cells
  • Peanuts — contain aflatoxin, which is toxic to hamsters in too large a quantity <<<< thank goodness I only give my hamsters these in moderation, I had no idea they could be toxic.
  • Potato, Potato tops — toxic to hamsters
  • Rhubarb, Rhubarb leaves —toxic to hamsters
  • Spicy or seasoned products — may cause indigestion in hamsters
  • Sugary products — bad for hamsters’ teeth and are fattening
  • Tomato leaves — toxic to hamsters
  • Unwashed vegetables— poses danger to your hamster from pesticides

Stay safe out there hammys! Eat well! 😀
Click here to see what is GOOD treats for hungry hamsters 😀 

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16 thoughts on “What NOT To Feed Your Hamster

  1. Great info to know if I ever get a hamster or if I’m ever dealing with someone who has one. Thanks

  2. Now do a post on what’s best, second best and third best to feed hamsters. I think everyone will benefit from that – and besides we trust you on this.

    • What a fabulous idea, I shall work on it tomorrow for a future post. I shall get all the small furries drooling 😀 hehe thanks for the comment 😀

  3. Hamster tummies are so tiny. Be careful, kids! Only eat the yummy treats that your mummy gives you.

  4. How interesting about the celery stalks! I knew about the peanuts for birds, but didn’t know they also posed a risk for hammies. Also interesting about the iceberg lettuce. I’ve always told people it has no real nutritional value for their pets but didn’t know it could cause liver damage in hamsters.

  5. Some of these are quite obvious, but I noticed some interesting no-no’s for my rats too. You mention sugary products, did you know dried fruits count as these too? My ladies (koko mostly) are on a diet so no more raisins or figs or dates for them!

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  7. Pamela

    I think you forgot the lemon…..

  8. Can they eat rice crispies?

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  10. Hamster sister

    U forgot the oranges & lemons and hamsters CAN eat calery potatoes & letturce but still thank u I didn’t know a lot :3

  11. well this web sight gives me alot of info and i will make shure to follow the rules

  12. Chambray

    What should I tell my friend who fed her hamster a Twinkie? She will get very mad if I say anything :/

  13. HamsterMama

    You forgot citrus fruits and watermelon the water contents of water gives them horrible diarrhea

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