Shadow and Silhouette Gallery

I think this turned out a lot trickier than I imagined. A fluke silhouette photo is all fine to se the challenge with, trying to do it again was a matter of its own! Super tricky! The shadow element of the challenge was slightly more achievable.
As promised here is the gallery of shadows and silhouettes 😀

Fine Art Photography by FORMISANO Francesco.

This is a stunning photograph of a cat emerging from the shadows. Its called ‘Into the light’ and is actually available to buy too from the artists Etsy Shop, just click on the photo to visit the shop. Its pretty impressive! 😀

These are apparently stray dogs (so the photo title claims) but the shadows in this piccy are just beautiful! I do love a bit of arty photography. This is exactly what I meant 😛

‘Max in the Sun’ by Mike Milton

This is from a pet photography tip site where one of the points of advice was to play around with light and shadows in photography. As you can see the result of such light-play can be dramatic as anything! I love this picture, really is one of my favourite shadowy photo’s here.

Boots – Sun and Shadow Photo Capture entered into a Best Pet Photo Contest

I LOVE the drama of this picture. It was entered in a photography contest and I hope it won becuase the colours and shadows add so much depth to the portrait. A real pretty kitty piccy! 😀

Hope you’ve enjoyed these beautiful photos. Comment, follow and like 😀

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5 thoughts on “Shadow and Silhouette Gallery

  1. Really great shots!

  2. that second pic is great!

  3. These are great shots! I look very adorable in the sunlight….

    Love and licks and back-from-the-blackout,

  4. What great photos! I couldn’t find any good photos to post. I really like the top one! Very cool.

    • I have to admit its been a very tricky topic to find piccys for let alone take pictures for. I think I was kinda lucky to get the silhouette for Dexter anyways 😛

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