Wordless Furs-day

Im allowed to be lazy with todays post because its day number one in my new job! YAY HAPPY TIMES AND MONEY! Boo, not so much time to spend blogging ;/ Ill have to work doubley hard at the weekends so I dont have to tire myself weeknights blogging 😀

Anyways, as I havent had too much time to write this post, I thought rather than bore you and annoy you with long ramblings, I have a super cute picture which is in dire need of a cute caption.

So what caption could this snap have?!


Comment your suggestions below, 😀


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9 thoughts on “Wordless Furs-day

  1. hannahcxxx

    My little hamster caption:
    ‘Look- that’s not a fair description of me you’re typing!! Let me have a go at it…’

    • HAHAHA I genuinely laughed out loud, the thing is Dexter is so lightweight he doesnt even push the keys down. As soon as Casper or Eve stroll across it, buttons are pushed, screens pop up and all sorts of things crash! 😛

      • Willow doesn’t push the keys down either! 😉 Though Lolly used to press the keys down and make everything on the computer go wrong… haha
        Glad you thought my caption was funny! 😀

  2. our warning is ‘no peeing on the keyboard!’

  3. So cute. I think he’s definitely trying to tell you what to type. lol.

  4. “Oh you’re so slow Mom! Here, let me help you”

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