Silhouettes and Shadows

You remember that black and white gallery I did a while back now?? And how successful it was with lots of pictures of the blogosphere’s furries all looking dramatic and mysterious in black and white photos?!

Well I have a new photography challenge for you all. Camera’s at the ready folks!!

While holding Dexter the other night I held him up (all lion king style) and took a picture of him on my phone. The TV screen behind him was white at the time of the snap and so the picture came out a little different to how I was expecting.
Different but totally awesome…

It got me thinking… another gallery was in order!!!

So folks, in honour of the dark and shadowy November month coming – take your best silhouette or shadow of your pet and send it to my email – contact page here – with the subject line “Silhouettes and Shadows Gallery

Any creature, big or small, is welcome and I shall do the gallery on this SATURDAY (the 3rd) so make sure your pics are emailed to me before Friday midnight! 😀 Lets make this one a good’un!!

Good luck!!!

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One thought on “Silhouettes and Shadows

  1. That’s so cool. If you didn’t know it was a hamster, you’d think it was a prehistoric bird with a big beak

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