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I am going a little bit off topic here by reviewing a fancy dress website (not for cute furries) but I want to share all the same.

Halloween is around the corner and I don’t want to just dress up my pets here. I want in on the action too!!!
So looking on Google, you can be spoilt for choice on sites to buy costumes from. All boasting great prices, fast delivery etc etc its hard to pick one!

Anyway my review is about the site where I ended up buying my outfit from. banner, perfect for Halloween, non?!

I am going to be honest here, I am a little bit mixed about my experience.
More positive than negative by all means, however little niggles I feel I should mention.
Let me explain.

First of all, the site itself looks great. Everything is set out clearly and finding something specific couldn’t be easier as there is a search bar as well as really simple sub-menu’s to whittle choices down! When I wasn’t too sure what I was looking for, browsing everything girly was equally as easy.

So far so good.

Picture from

After literally hours of browsing I chose my costume. Something cute and sexy – perfect for my Halloween party; The Queen of Hearts.
On the site it looks gorgeous! And as far as fancy dress costumes go, the price of the outfit is actually pretty reasonable. Visiting other fancy dress sites and comparing prices, it was the same if not cheaper than the vast majority of others so definitely had my mind made up. I even added the optional extras of the high socks! If I’m going to dress up, Im going all out!!

If I’m being brutally honest, the socks were very pricey. I could get them for £2 on a separate site but for ease (and sheer laziness perhaps) I ordered them off the same site for an addition £4.99.

Onto postage and delivery.
The banner on site is a little misleading. Yes there are free delivery options, but you have to be in Essex to be able to pick it up from the warehouse. Super for Essex-dwellers. Not so great for customers in other county’s.
Selecting standard Royal Mail postage was an extra £3.99… not the cheapest postage I’ve seen about but all the same it would be a quick delivery (within 2 days) and had to be signed for. So basically I had my peace of mind.

Still pretty good so far. 

My parcel arrived 2 days later. YAY!

Opening the package the costume I had chosen looked great set out on the floor (I had to put all the ribbons and bows on by hand which got a little confusing when there weren’t instructions or a guide but it didn’t take long to sort out).

YAY for high socks, boo for expensiveness!

Okay so trying the costume on was a different story.
There is a yellow dress and the black and red over-dress pulls over the yellow dress with a ribboned up corset bit at the back.

The underneath dress (the yellow bit) is super unflattering. I’m sure the woman on the packaging was wearing a completely different one! The elasticated chest bit pulls the whole dress up uncomfortably high and when I pulled it down I managed to pull the stitching apart where the skirt and top bit were sewn together and had to bodge it together with my not-so-great sewing skills.

The black and red dress pulls on and is then ribboned up. Now I’m going to sound like a right nit-picking b*tch here, but I ordered the dress in SMALL (this is size 8-10 dress size and as a curvy size 8 I expect to fit nicely into the small) and even when the top dress was ribboned up as tight as it could possible go, it still hung off me. Not a good hang too, a very unflattering hang. So basically this not-so-great sewer is going to have to alter it.
I’m going to have to take 2 of the 6 dress panels out so that it fits properly to give you an idea of how off the size is.

On a more positive note; the tiara headband, the socks and the gloves look fab! They really complete what would be a really pretty costume. Just got to have some alterations made – good job I have time to fix it up before Halloween!!!

All in all, I would recommend All Fancy Dress. 

P.S. I did check for hamster costumes (not that I would cheat on making them myself, just looked out of curiosity) but unfortunately they don’t stock hamster sized outfits. 😉
Back to hammy-shenanigans tomorrow folks!

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6 thoughts on “All Fancy Dress

  1. Our Mummy is a dab hand with a make-up brush so she face-paints herself and the little hoomans. Then she wears a short black dress and a red crushed velvet cloak with a mask and she is sorted!

    PIGoween on a budget isn’t so hard! But if she had money she would definitly like that site!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • Ohhh you’ll have to come and work your magic on human mr hamster diaries, he is going as jim carreys the mask and i am being responsible for his green face paint ahha 😀 The hamsters are proving a lot less stressful that hoomans, tizz true! 😀 xxx

  2. That’s a hot costume in the photo. Does it look anything like it in real life?

    • It looks similar however there are noticable difference which is a shame. The bit that goes under the bossom is aqctually a much ‘deeper cup’ bit so may need pinning back, and like i said the yellow dress that goes underneath is more in line with the collar bone which looks odd. But I have managed to alter it so it looks pretty damn close to the picture you see here. Took hours mind you.. -.-

  3. The costume is awesome but the price is not . Some might use it as a starting point and make their own!

    • Yes definetly a treat for myself, which took a few hours to sort out anyways! Only have to do it once a year thankfully 😛 I wish I could make my own, but I wouldnt know where to begin! And doubt Id have all that much time ;//

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