Another Visit To The Vet

It has been a week since Casper had a little accident. You remember the picture…
… He managed to rip his nail off and get it infected. Typical dramatic hamster.
Anyways, I got him an appointment for yesterday afternoon and the verdict is in!

We saw a very nice male vet who seemed to be a little more thorough with him than the other vet. He examined his toe (the big ugly scab fell off this morning so it looked remarkably clean and healthy) and he said that it looked like it was healing well despite the lack of the antibiotics. He also said the redness of the toe is because the new nail is growing through it making it a little sore, BUT he hasnt nibbled or gnawed on his nail which is a very good sign πŸ™‚

Now onto my main worry; Casper’s seizure.Β 

The vet suggested it could have been a one off, didnt have an explaination as to why, just said as it has only happened once, they can’t assume its anything serious… yet. If it happens again it could be a sign of a brain disease (which sounds super scary 😦 I dont like the thought of my Casper having something seriously wrong with him)

But for now he doesn’t have a worry in the world, which is lovely. I can finally stop fretting over his every movement πŸ˜€

He also said that if he was to get another infection another antibiotic would be used incase the original drug caused the fit.Β He did worry me when he said “but the one he was on tends to be the safest for small furries.” …No more infections or accidents please Cas! I don’t fancy you going on some risky drug!!!

And the vet very nicely didn’t charge me for the visit.
Its been a good day! πŸ˜€

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23 thoughts on “Another Visit To The Vet

  1. Chani @ pearls,lace and pancakes

    Good to hear that Casper is on the mend. It sounds like that vet was very good with him. Out of interest, I wonder how much vets across the country charge for hamster check ups and treatments? For Heston’s Xmas eve visit, it was Β£15 for the examination and Β£4 for the painkillers, which I thought was quite good. What do you think?

    • Β£4 for the painkillers is very reasonable for hammys. I think for small pets, round here, just a visit is usually Β£7 and then if any treatment needs to be done its Β£20ish, I dont think I paid for it all seperately, it think it was a set price.. not 100% sure on that. Β£15 for just a visit seems a lot but perhaps thats because it was Christmas Eve?? Hope Heston was okay!! xxx

      • Chani @ pearls,lace and pancakes

        He was fine, infact he loved the honey flavour, he chewed on the syringe! His paw swelling went down in about a week, and all was well again. I think he did it swinging on the bars, but who knows?!

        Im wondering if Glasgow is just a bit dearer, being quite a big city and all…

        • Awww bless! I wish they’d put something tasty to this medicine, Cas definitly didnt approve πŸ˜› I have the same suspicion for Caspers toe, its the only way I think breaking a little claw could happen … but we will never know ;/ Maybe it is, saying that the prices round this end can be pretty purse-emptying too πŸ˜› Just depends on if you catch the vet on a good day or not πŸ˜›
          Hope your all well, havent seen you blogging in a while ;( xx

          • I’m in the process of setting up my new blog at the moment. Goodgirlglasgow was/is fun but I realised that healthy eating was only a small part of my life. My new blog is going to be about lifestyle, home decor, style, cooking and crafts. Cant wait to properly launch it! Notice the name change – its still me! It also means I can post about Heston occasionally! Yay! We’re all fine, I hope you all are too!

            • Oooooh sounds exciting, I hope you start posting soon, have been missing your blog posts! πŸ˜› YAYA! I do love hearing about what Heston is getting up to :)) Yes we’re all good, Caspers toe has healed well, Eve has been hoarding like a dunno what and Dexter attacked his cardboard tube as if it was going to kill him last night. Its all fun and games! πŸ˜› xxx

      • I think I might be taking my ratties to your vet when they need a visit. Just a visit here is about €20,- and treatment can add up to €200,- sometimes… 😦

        • Hahaha corrr blimey – thats a lot of money!! Lets keep our paws crossed they never need much treatment! If the prices were like that over here, Id be in quite a pickle!! x

  2. Yay, nice he’s getting his nail back.
    I hope he has nothing to worry about.

  3. Good news that he’s healed without antibiotics.

    • Super-Hamster! πŸ˜› The vet was quite impressed with the fact he’d done so well without the full course of antibiotics. Very glad he doesnt need anymore – not sure I could put him through it all again ;((

  4. Yay for Casper. You are strong and brave, little guy. Stay healthy! xo

    Love and licks,

  5. Lets hope that Casper’s seizure was a one off. We all love the little fellow.

  6. Well, perhaps he did worry you a bit, but at least now you know what’s what! And I also hope there are no more seizures!

  7. Just out of interest what antibiotics did they give him first? Mummy was given one called baytril for Bingo which was supposed to be safest but didn’t work and actually stunted his growth. Whee know it is different for different small furries but they tend to class anything from a rabbit to a mouse as a small furry these days! πŸ˜‰


    • Baytril sounds very familiar, I am pretty sure thats the one. Oh no it stunned Bingo’s growth!! Oh deary me! Just incredibly glad Cas got better without the full course. I cant exactly cotton wool the fella, just really dont want anything else to hurt him because I’d be constantly worrying he would react badly to the meds. xxxxx

  8. I’m glad everything’s okay.

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