Good News

How many of you bunch watch Russell Howard’s Good News (BBC 3) ???

Well I am a big fan, I love his comedy to pieces!! I love Russell Howard and have been to see him in London too πŸ˜€ Β Anyway, I am going off point here!
On last Thursday’s show, there was a section of the show that had me giggling that little bit harder than normal. Why? Because there were hamsters involved! Hence I thought I would share the hammy-giggles here!

Warning: The language is a little explicit so if you don’t like it, just skip today’s post πŸ™‚ I don’t want to offend anyone πŸ˜€

Let me set the scene for you. A guest has come onto the show, Russell has to try and guess how this guest has been in the news.

Russell: Hello how are you?
Guest: I am fine thank you Russell.
Russell: Thank you very much for coming on my show. Can I sit there? Is that okay?
Guest: Sit down all you like.
Russell: Lovely stuff. This is nice and comfy isn’t it?! Okay, so it has something to do with animals clearly?
Guest: Yes.
Russell: Urmmmm, oh I’m intrigued by that *points to hamster exercise car on shelf* Do you urm, try to freak people out by burying dead animals in cars?
Guest: No, not often!
Russell: Aww, that would be good though wouldn’t it! That would freaks
Guest: Yeah, so they could come back up again! That would be great!
Russell: Im thinking you could freak someone out time team like “Oh my god! Hamsters used to drive!
Guest: *Laughs*
Russell: There’s, there’s… Is that a gerbil? Trying to suck himself off?
Guest: No that’s a hamster. The hamster you just killed by putting him in there *points back to the hammy-car*
Russell: That’s a hamster?
Guest: Yeah
Russell: Is he? What’s he doing to himself? He looks…
Guest: Unbalanced.
Russell: He’s unbalanced? You’re telling me!

So thats the first little bit of the guest section (turns out the guest on the show is an animal psychic – talks to all creatures great and small about their problems… 😐 Not quite sure about all that but bare with me here).

I noticed whilst looking at the picture of the hamster on the wall that I had seen that pose before… But where had I seen it before?!?

Oh yeah! Casper got himself into this position on the palm of my hand once πŸ˜€ Sorry that its so blurry, he was wriggling a storm up trying to get back on his feet. Definitely not as calm as the hamster photo from Russell Howard’s Good News, but close enough!!! πŸ˜€

This whole post, the whole script bit.. all for that one photo comparison. Damn, I love this blogging malarky! πŸ˜‰
Hope you’ve giggled!

If you want to watch the entire show (laughs aplenty there… Click here!)Β Skip to the 15th minute if you want to watch just the guest on the show and this funny hamster/animal bit πŸ˜€ Its quite funny I swear! πŸ˜€


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11 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Hehe I love his Good News! I had to laugh at how awkward he looked when she told him what she does!! You could see him thinking ‘how do I make this funny without telling her outright she’s a lying fraud?’ Bless Russell and his lazy eye…I still wouldn’t kick him outta bed for eating biscuits πŸ˜‰
    Aww Casper looks so cute! bless his little furry paws xx

    • Oh think god I’m not the only one who thinks he’s strangely alluring hahaha! As soon as she said It you could see the mental conflict in his mind ‘take the mick, she’s a looney. Be polite, she’s your guest!’ hahaha I think the whole hamster picture is just an excuse for me to gush about my celebrity heartthrob haha πŸ˜€ xxx

  2. Casper looks like a Buddha!

  3. : ( they don’t make available the video in Spain.

  4. Ruma does that pose quite often when she falls over trying to wash herself. It’s a little different, since rats have, well, tails, but it’s adorable nonetheless!

    • awww see i can picture them doing this coz they all do it when cleaning, they get all offbalanced and tumble backwards πŸ˜› and they look shocked every time πŸ˜€ x

  5. Ha ha, This is a hoot! Thanks for the laughs.

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