Unconscious :'(

Yesterday afternoon something genuinely terrifying happened.
Something that had my heart pumping a gazillion miles an hour for a good hour after said terrifying incident happened.

Now I know a lot of the people who read my blog are fellow animal-lovers and pet-adorers so I know that my panic will resonate with a lot of you reading this now. Let me fill you in with the back details…

Casper broke his nail last Thursday (11th October). I posted about the normality of this injury and how commonly it sorts itself out and rarely becomes a problem. Of course this post was overwhelmingly tempting to hungry ol’ fate and Casper’s toe got infected.
If you hadn’t gathered already with my hamsters, they love a bit of drama!

So on Tuesday of this week (16th) I took him to the vets to get looked at, checked out and given some medicine for his injury. This story is going well so far, agreed?
Yes, all is going well. He was given some ridiculously expensive essential antibiotics and we are sent on our way home.
Don’t get me wrong, I can’t imagine any critter, big or small, actually liking the taste of medicine, especially when its being syringed into your mouth, but Casper really really kicked up a stink about it. He would thrash about, screw his face up, lash his teeth out and squeal like a newborn piglet.
It was a distressing experience for all parties involved to say the least. And this had to be repeated twice a day for the next 7 days.

The point to this post (I’m getting there I swear) is that this very afternoon, Casper was peacefully sleeping on my tum, like usual, when I felt him gently vibrating. I picked him up and he was completely unconscious and all floppy, having a ‘little fit’ is the only way I can describe it.
He definitely wasn’t sleeping, even when hamsters are asleep they can hold some form of posture, and lets be honest Casper sleeps enough for me to know this!
He was well and truly out of it. Sparko.

I immediately picked him up and rubbed him between my two hands and he quickly opened his eyes. He still felt limp but he was awake now.
It took a minute for him to get his proper rigidity back to normal and all the while my heart was beating so hard I could hear the thumping in my head.

Never have I been so scared! All my thoughts of the babies came flooding back and how their floppy little bodies were and all them dreadful, awful, terrible thoughts about what happened to them.
That instant feeling of helplessness was the worst. Gave me a lump in my throat and everything 😦

I have been keeping a very beady eye of Casper since that incident.
And not given him any more of the antibiotics.
Perhaps a combination of the stress and medicine was too much for his little body and it blipped out for a second. Even so I am not risking it happening again. Not a chance.
Another vet visit will be in order very soon, make sure Casper is well and his toe is getting better.

Talk about drama after bloody drama with this bunch!
Have your furries ever given you a fright like this? Or worse?! Comment, follow 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Unconscious :'(

  1. How scary! Im glad he has recovered. ^_^

  2. I am so sorry to hear about casper, that must have been very frightening for you both! I think another trip to the vets is a good idea. Do you think there is any way he could have had an epileptic fit? I know I had a dog who suffered with epilepsy but haven’t heard of a hamster having one?

    • Im not sure, there are so many possibilities being thrown about because it could literally be anything. It could be something underlying and medical, could be the stress of the antibiotics, could be a really deep sleep, could be epilepsy like you say ;// Its definitely worth a vet visit. It was horrible 😦 On eof them things I wouldnt want any pet owner to go through xx

  3. Hmmm sounds like a seizure or syncope. What kind of medicine does he take? We used to use a compounding pharmacy that made the medicine taste really good for hammies. They usually just ate it. Especially since the compounded formula was so concentrated, we could prescribe them a very low volume dose to make it easy to give. I am interested to know what his doctor thinks.

    • He is on ‘Baytril Oral’ … thats what it says on the bottle. 0.03 mls twice a day. Its barely a drop. Whatever this is definitely isnt tasty for hamster, the hissing and whimpering gives that way. We’ve kept him under observations and he’ll be back in the vets on Tuesday for the verdict. Fingers and paws crossed 😀

  4. Please call your vet! That sounds serious!

  5. You poor thing! I kind of agree with rumpydog, episodes sound dangerous, you should at least give the vet a call. Poor Casper! Are you sure they gave you the right antibiotics and the proper dosage? I remember when I just got my ladies, they weighed less than 100 grams and I had to give them a whoppin 0,01 ml of antibiotics. Madness to measure but too much can be dangerous. Licks from the ladies!

    • He has an appointment for Tuesday to go back and see the same vet. I am refusing to give him anymore of the antibiotics until I see the vet to be honest with you. He weighed 127g and is on 0.03ml twice a day so close to what your ladies had. Its barely a droplet but still enough to affect Casper, if not medically then emotionally 😦 So worrying but hes perked up lots since and is being watched constantly by me and my bf.

  6. Definitely sounds like a seizure. Rumpy’s right. Call the vet.

    • 😦 It all sounds super scary, little guy has never been fussed over so much! He will be seen on Tuesday and I am refusing him the medicine until then. His toe looks better, still a bit red and puffy but better. Until I see the vet again and clear up that these antibiotics didnt cause his seizure Im not giving him another drop! Dont want to risk it 😦 Such a small creature means even tiny amounts of the wrong drug can kill him.

  7. That is so scary!!! Also, I just realized the date on the baby post – what the heck. My google reader had your post about your babies as a recent one among others when I clicked on it a week back and commented. Much less did I realize some didn’t make it. Now I feel terrible for commenting – I thought it was a recent thing. I’m about to get rid of Google Reader. That is only one of many issues I have with it.

    Hope you find out what is wrong with Casper and that everything will be alright. 😦

    • Oh nooo googlereader playing tricks on you! I cant say I use it at all to be honest 😛 Dont worry about the comment hun, I didnt take offence :)) It was a very sad few weeks but just add that extra dimension to my hammy-family now. Dealing with so many losses has kept me blogging, and I think I have helped many other hamster owners who suffered similar problems with hamster litters, so something good came out of it. Fingers and toes and paws crossed for little Caspers recovery :)) Will keep you all posted 😀 xxx

  8. Oh Casper. You poor baby. It sure sounds like a seizure. Our Mummy dealt with a total of eight that Bingo had and they are just terrifying. Maybe Casper could have a hammy sized MRI scan? Hopefully the vet can tell you what’s wrong. Comforting cuddles and whiffles of wellness coming to you and your hoomans.

    In the meantime, to make you feel better, your caption actually won our contest!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • Awww poor Bingo did the vets ever find out what was causing Bingos seizures or was it unexplained. You will totally understand my panic here 😦 I hope they can, I have refused to give him any more of the antibiotics. Even if the medicine itself isnt causing the problems, the stress of it all could be contributing. Just got to keep an eye on him until his vet appointment 🙂 EEEEEP I saw the post, will be bragging in tomorrows post hehe! 😀 Super duper! xxxxx

      • Bingo actually had a rare neurological condition where the ear infection he had, spread to his brain. He also had strokes and it was pretty horrible. It may just (I say just but it is still horrible and scary for you) be that Casper is epileptic. You already suspected narcolepsy.


        • Aww poor bingo, that must have been very concerning for you 😦 you don’t quite realise how very incredibly attached you are to them until something shocks you into thinking, OMG Id be lost without you!! ;P it’s definitely worth mentioning to the vets. I keep wondering whether he has problems which is why he was kept out the back of the pet store before we got him… Hmm. I shall keep you posted on the verdict, thank you for the advice :))) xxxx

  9. I know exactly what you mean about panic over a pet. I had a sickly four week old kitten I was fostering that got spooked and next thing I knew she wasn’t breathing. I gently gave CPR, chest compressions only and she came out of it. She was fuzzy mentally for a day, but she fully recovered.

    It could be a reaction to the medication. Good thinking to stop giving it to him. Anytime you or an animal has a weird “something” happen, the first thing to look at is the medication being taken. Side effects cause a wide range of things.

    There are external things, like neosporin, but I don’t know how safe these things are for hamsters.

    • Well done you for knowing exaclty what to do in that situation! You saved that kittys life! Its terrifying, Im so glad that I didnt have to do CPR or anything. Its risky enough on hamsters becuase their ribs can be brittle but I genuinely wouldnt have a clue where to start! Lucky for me, the giggling on my hands was enough to pull him round, if I hadnt have noticed so quickly that he was unconcious who knows what could have happened! I shall keep you informed on the vets verdict as to whether its that which has caused the fit 😦 xx

      • Well, should you ever need to give CPR to one of your little guys, you could. I put my hands around her entire body and very gently squeezed, relaxed, squeezed. (my hands are small.) I was kind of surprised it worked, but happy that it did.

        To give hamster CPR I think maybe pushing gently with the thumb over the chest might by the way to go.

  10. Oh my gosh you must have been so frightened 😦 We had a fright with our mice about a year ago. It was a really cold day, and when we checked on our mice to make sure they were warm enough they were floppy too. I picked them both up and held them close to warm them up and they slowly opened their eyes. It took at long time for them to get back to normal and we were so scared! Thankfully they are fine though, and we’re living in a much warmer house now. Our old house was very drafty and hard to warm up!
    I really hope Casper is okay, and I hope the vets goes smoothly when you go xx

    • Aww do mice hibernate?? I know with hamsters, if they get too cold they hibernate. Its weird :S Perhaps thats what happened with your mice too 😦 Horrible, horrible, horrible! I dont know what Im going to do when their time comes, im so over-attached! Hhaha luckily got a few more years untill that comes about, pheww!!! I shall keep you posted on what the vet says. Im not expecting much, not sure they can do anything without his fitting on cue or something :s we’ll see anywho! 😀 xxx

      • Yeah we thought they might have hibernated. Wild mice do hibernate so its probably that. I know, I’m dreading that time too 😦 Mice live about 2-3 years, and ours are 1 1/2 years old so thankfully not too close. Previous mice we’ve owned only lived a few months, but that was because we got them from a really bad pet shop (we never go there now thankfully…) They treated the animals badly, and there was about 50 mice all in one cage. They were all inbred as they were mixed sexes and most the ones we had died from tumours. They were also really lethargic. Nothing like the ones we’ve got now! We got these from a seller and they have been like a totally different animals! So energetic and have their own personalities 🙂 Such a difference! I’m going to miss them so much 😦
        Thank you, I would love to know what the vet says! Hope he has no more fits xxx

  11. Timmytherev28

    I once had my two syrian hamsters fight (both 5 weeks old ) and hurt thier toes and it got infected and i got a medicen from the doctors and gave both of them the medicen on the night get up in the morning and they were both lifeless i had no idea how long they were like this for i was so upset and did not know what to do with them so i read up that it is common for the medicen to cause this and found out that slowly warming them and rubbing helps them come back fortunatly when i got sandy up and started rubbing her her eyes open and slowly got warmer and warmer but when i tryed it with my other one jimmy who was still breathing at the time it took well over 45 miniuts to get him to come back i dont think it was long till he would have passed but i was lucky in a sence he was very scared after and was weakly squeaking and sniffing and treated me as a threat i think he may have lost his memmory or has brain damage or something as for about 4 days he hated me when i came to change his food but he is fine now 🙂 sandy is also fine and thier toes healed after some intervention (softly squeseing the toe to get the bad fluid out and then put some cream on but rubbed it in so they would not eat it this worked well though i did get a few good bites off of jimmy and a nibble from sandy and there has been no problems since they are now seperated in two rotastack genus 200 cages so they are happy and spoilt i love my hamsters they mean alot to me and i wish to provide the best life for them

  12. That sounds really scary!
    Butterscotch(my first hamster) got antibiotics too thst got siringed Into his mouth. He loved them however. When I gave them to him he licked it up! They did not work though ;(. He died a little later of resportory problems:(. My hamster sorta passed out too. But he did not wake up;(.
    I got albus now though! An equally amazing hamster :p he has never scared my by passing out, although he has escaped twice!!
    Reading this made me realize that my hamster is not the only one thst had has had to visit to vet! I am happy to have people to relate to, and someone who loves hamsters Just like I do!

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