The Votes Are In..

My minions have totted up the results of the Halloween Hamster Costume Vote. (By minions, I mean WordPress’s poll thingy)

Total Votes: 25
Last Place: Dracula’s Bat with 5 votes (20%)
Runner Up: Zombie with 7 votes (28%)

Winner: Incy-Wincy Spider with 13 votes (52%)

Total Votes: 22
Last Place: Devil with 2 votes (9%)
Runner Up: Pumpkin with 9 votes (41%)

Winner: Witch with 11 votes (50%)

Total Votes: 22
Last Place: Vampire with 3 votes (14%)
Runner Up: Ghosty with 9 votes (41%)

Winner (only just): Skeleton with 10 votes (45%)

We are going to have one spook-tastic Halloween! Now the hard work can begin and I can start the costume making process. Hold ya breath everybody!! 😀

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10 thoughts on “The Votes Are In..

  1. Good luck with the creating! If the costumes are as cute as Mom’s canvas bag, they’ll be a big success. So cute!

    Love and licks,

  2. Good luck with the costumes! It must take a lot of creative talent to produce costumes for little hammies. Can’t wait to see them.

    • chaoticscribbles

      Hehehe thank you, I do love a challenge! 😉 I had something in mind for each costume before I posted them just so I wasnt caught out 😛

  3. Can’t wait to see the costumes.

    • chaoticscribbles

      Thank you, only problem is.. I dont know which one to start with!

  4. Whee think you should make Eve’s costume first cos it is alwaays ladies first and she is the most well behaved! Whee ❤ Eve! 😉

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • chaoticscribbles

      Thats a very good point! And plus as far as ladies go, I may need to make several outfits and then she can chose the first one I made on the day 😉 hehehe I shall start on Eve’s tomorrow 😀 Wish me luck ickle piggies! 😀 xxxxx

  5. well, I got one out of three. That’s okay. Cannot wait to see them!

  6. Ah man, I voted on the bat, the pumpkin and the skeleton :(. Btw how do 3 ppl not vote on Cas and Eve? 😛

    • I know I thought that too… maybe because Dexter was on top people didn’t fancy scrolling down to the other two ;( I wont tell Cas and Eve that haha, they might get jealous 😉 My boyf really wanted Casper to be a ghost haha he was upset hes a skeleton (but I was secretly vouching for the skeleton too :P)

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