As Good As Gold

Ive noticed over the past few days/weeks that Eve doesnt get her own posts very much. Or at least she’s not the focus of many posts.

There is a reason for this. Its not that I dont love her dearly – because I love this little furry very dearly.
But she is just too well behaved!

To have an interesting blog, there needs to be drama and excitement or at least something helpful coming out the end of it. When it comes to mischief and trouble, Dexter and Casper are at the forefront of the action. There they are weeing on my hoodys and sleeping in my pockets whereas Eve just quietly gets on with it.

She minds her own business! She doesn’t misbehave or wee on me (I hope this wont jinx it now), she doesn’t poo everywhere when running in her ball, she doesnt lick or bite, she is just a very simple and well behaved hammy!
And in all honesty, a well behaved hamster doesn’t sound like the most fascinating and interesting blog ever.

So here is Eve’s very own dedicated post – In awe of her fabulous personality! She doesn’t get this kind of recognition on this blog. The attention seeking boys are too troublesome for that! She is definitely the mommy-figure here. Good for you Eve. You are keeping me sane when the boys are causing mayhem!

Are your furries ever on their best behaviour? Or are they the resident trouble-makers?? 

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3 thoughts on “As Good As Gold

  1. Well Eve you are just like us. Practically perfect in every way! 😉

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  2. Up to no good most of the time!

  3. Eve is also just like me. I am very well-behaved…. Except when I’m not!

    Love and licks,

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