Top 3 Worst Hamster Habits

Hamsters are lovely and furry and cute and snuggly and cute (did I already mention that theyre cute?) but oh-my-looooooord they have some terrible habits! Awful, terrible, disgusting behaviour that makes me want a hamster-naughty step!

Here are my top 3 worst hammy habits.

Flicking their own poop.
Theres no pleasent way to put it, they fling poop like an olympic sport – Disgusting creatures! And its more the fact they dont discreetly do it. They full frontal bury their little faces in their groins and then fling their crap to the fursthest corner of their cage. There is no set toilet area; just where-ever the poop lands, the poop stays. Dirty dirty dirty! I might point out that once again Eve is pretty well mannered. Cas and Dex are the main culprits here!


Spontaneous peeing.Β 
In the last 2 days alone I have been peed on twice. Casper was guilty of the first offence. There he was soundly sleeping in my Jack Wills hoody pocket (emphasis on the nice expensive hoody) and decided to tinkle all inside my pocket. THANKS CAS 😑 Then just today Dexter was climbing the mountainous region of Sofa-Land and just as it came to Mount-My-Lap he reversed up and weed all on my leg. Its just not cool guys! Thank goodness Eve has a little class!

And then there is the tip top worst hamtser habit EVER… I love hamsters but they seriously can annoy me at times like any pet. I am not an evil person, I love them dearly and play with them lots and feed them treats but there is just some habits that grind me down.. And that top thing has to be….

Running on their noisey flying saucers in the early hours.
Its not the running that’s soΒ frustrating; its when the saucer is slightly off tilt and so bangs with every step on the side of the cage. A repetitive banging, clanging, banging,clanging, banging,clanging, banging,clanging, banging,clanging, banging,clanging, banging,clanging, banging,clanging, banging… Its the WORST annoyance possible with hamsters ever. We have good and bad nights with them. More bad than good I might add. Oh the joys of small furries! πŸ˜›

What is your furries worst habit ever?? Is it worse than keeping your humans up every night… ;D

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13 thoughts on “Top 3 Worst Hamster Habits

  1. Those hamsters are way too cute to be so naughty! I have no bad habits AT ALL. *cough cough*

    Love and licks,

    • chaoticscribbles

      hhahaha nooooo no bad habits at all cupcake ;D Im sure your mommy could tell some stories! πŸ˜‰ xxx

  2. Whee are too cute and adorable to have bad habits but our Mummy has a terribly annoying one for cleaning up our poop piles!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • chaoticscribbles

      Hahahaha oh hooman! What a weird habit you have!!! hahahaha, no naughty behaviour for internets fav four guinea pigs! πŸ˜€ xxxxxx

  3. My guinea pig is a poo flinger as well. It works for me that our dog finds it to be a delectable treat and gladly does clean-up for us. My mice always want to run on their very squeaky wheel during TV time. We bought a ‘silent’ wheel, but it was a mostly solid plastic and my hubby called it the ‘pee centrifuge’ becaue they would pee while running and it was a nasty nasty affair. So, YES, I’m right there with you on the lovely habits of furry-babies!

    • chaoticscribbles

      HAHAHA oh its not just hammys that are poo-flickers! Filthy habit! πŸ˜› OH I bet that has its advantages – a doggy hoover! Free treats!! πŸ˜‰ haha gross! lol.
      Ahhh have you tried flying saucers for your mice. The wheels were too noisey for us and kept us up at night so we got them all saucers -HIGHLY recommend them! Barely noticeable noise wise! πŸ˜€ hahaha pee centrifuge! Dexter poos on his and treads it in… thats equally as mucky at the end of the day! ;D

  4. My dog farts in his own face..always amusing but the worst one is without a doubt that when he finds a fresh mark on a bush on our walks he doesn’t just sniff it…he licks it and has a good old taste. All I can say is thank goodness he doesn’t really lick humans! Ah how we love our pets bad habits and all πŸ˜‰

    • chaoticscribbles

      HAHAHAHA *parp* who was that?! πŸ˜› Oh dear youd have to give him a breath mint before licks tehehe! Oh he sounds like a right character!! πŸ˜€ They keep us on our toes dont they πŸ˜€

      • hehe he does look so surprised at the noise when he parps on a hard surface and it makes a noise! He once did it in the vets and looked at me accusingly and I had to laugh. Wouldn’t be without him or his bad habits πŸ˜›

  5. Have you met the silent spinner? It is truly nearly silent! Koko’s worst habit is chewing up the soles of my shoes, my purses and well, anything of value… Ruma’s worst habit is escaping DAY AND NIGHT. Shes’ horrible about it. Besides that I don’t like that they leave little tracemarks of well, pee, on everything. And even more disgustingly, they come back, lick it off my arms and then happily start licking my face. Oh and they LOVE pulling on my lip with their sharp claws…

    • They have the silent spinners (flying saucers) at the moment but occasionally they off-balance themselves whilst sprinting and it makes a very irratiting banging lol. Awwww Koko the muncher! πŸ˜› Tasty things need munching! πŸ˜€ And an escape artist! SUPER CUTE! they want kisses when theyre clawing your lip hehehe so sweet, xx

      • Nono, they want to go INSIDE my mouth when they claw my lip. Koko goes at it like madness, clawing really fast and Ruma often uses her teeth… it’s annoying when I have my hands full!

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