Hamster Diaries Meets Facebook

I never thought I would spread the blog over to Facebook, but I feel I have come to the right time to try and stretch my hamster legs over to the dark-side! Hopefully, this will make it easier for my readers to keep up to date with the hamsters and all the fun things I have lined up for the next few months. 

I have set up a little Facebook like box over on the sidebar (over on the left! The left!!) so you can just click like and ta-dahhh you’re done! 😀

I have linked it up to WordPress (I think) so basically the posts will show up on the Facebook page as well as on here, so you dont have to miss a thing! I feel like I am really branching out here, First the Etsy shop, now Facebook! Whatever next!! (Sorry Twitter, I am not going there :P)

As well as the posts going there too, I can post random pictures that don’t quite fit in posts and all the videos that didn’t quite cut it in the WordPress World. You would be surprised how much stuff I have that doesn’t make it onto the actual blog.

Think of it this way, the Facebook page will include all the BONUS FEATURES the blog doesn’t quite cover.. Its like the Disc 2 of the
Hamster Diaries DVD, with all the behind the scenes bits, all the pictures that don’t make it onto the blog, all the quick stories I don’t have enough of to fill out a proper post and all the EXTRA’s that WordPress just cant include. I intend to keep that just as uptodate and current as the blog without spamming anyones news feed, so click LIKE and you will make my day!

Go on… make my day!
You know you want to! 😀 

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8 thoughts on “Hamster Diaries Meets Facebook

  1. We Liked you… because we like you! We’re Like #3.

    Love and licks and Likes,

    • Heheh, YAYAY! Its a lot harder than I thought to get a few Facebook likes, but fingers and paws crossed it will be worth while 😉 Lots of love for our favourite Cupcake!!! xxxx

  2. Awesome! i’ll be adding your FB page!

    • chaoticscribbles

      Yay! Thank you, its slow starting but hopefully will be worth it eventually! 😀

  3. Whee have been trying to convince Mummy to make us a facebook page or go on twitter for ages but she’s such a technophobe she doesn’t even go on them for herself!

    Is it as scary as she thinks out there?!!! 😉

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • chaoticscribbles

      Its terrifying! hahaha, seriously, im the same as your mommy. I dont really know what Im doing to be honest! I couldnt handle Twitter, especially as I have lots of pictures and pictures arent really twitter-friendly. Facebook seems more all-round friendly. Hmmm we will get back to you on this one, as to whether its worth it or not. So far, its just a pain in the paw! 😛 xxxxx

  4. Liked!

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