What NOT To Spend £1.99 On.

Now I love my hamsters and I love to treat them every now and then. I feel even more compelled to do so seeing as I had a LUSH sunny holiday whilst my hammys were stuck in dreary ol’ England. Swings and Roundabouts eh! 😉

Anyway on my latest trip to Pets at Home I scoured the shelves for something new and interesting. Something my hamsters will think ‘ohhh she is just the coolest owner!’ for. You know the drill with pets. They get in your head, with their cute fluttering eyes and their little squeaky voices…. Just me??!

Anyway I came across ‘Bedtime Books’ the chew toy for small furries. They are basically little hamster-sized books that are ‘100% edible for small pets!’ So far so good, I have small pets that could do with hamster-sized books! Durrr, who doesn’t! ;D
Dont they look dainty! I know what you are thinking… why ‘Hamster Times‘ ?? Why not ‘Hammy Potter‘?? Ill tell you why.
Coz they dont have a hamster-mad creative looney on their production team clearly!!!
(psst… it took me like 20 minutes thinking of that pun. Enjoy it people. Enjoy it.)

So. This product cost me a whopping £1.99. Almost broke the bank I tell yah. And I am making such a huge point of the price because in all honesty, what have I actually paid for here. I have paid for an orange piece of cardboard to cover a few sheets of coloured paper. Think ‘post-it not style’ coloured paper. 

I freely admit, I am an insanely impulsive person. And when I saw them miniature books on the shelf I thought ‘awww who would want to see a hamster read a book!’ Well I certainly wanted to see it! Even if it did have a terrible title.. *Hamster Times pffff*.. I wanted to see my hamsters pretend to read! WHO WOULDNT!

And to cut a short story even shorter, none of the hamsters have shown a fleck of interest to the books. Not a lick! Nothing! They too realise that they are lame and disappointing and are very probably cringing at me for putting their supposed ‘treat’ in their cages.
I could make better with the scraps of paper and card laying about anyway. At least I wouldn’t have spent a poxy £2.00 on that to be ignored.

My verdict, don’t waste your pennies folks. Your small furries would love a honey-nut chew stick to nibble – tasty, long-lasting and the same price as this rejected post-it note book thing.

I may very well take it out of their cages. Its just cluttering up the place. I could use it to scribble down really short shopping lists..

Got a decent chew toy?? What is it? Value for money? Let me know, comment below! 😀 


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10 thoughts on “What NOT To Spend £1.99 On.

  1. Aww. That’s a shame. Our friends hammy Cupcake loved those hammy books. She also likes those wooden chews shaped like veggies which are £1.99 as well and piggies can have them too! They even do mini Pigmass dinner wooden chews. (Mummy says those are already in the shops though whee haven’t even had Pigoween yet!) How cute!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  2. Muhahaha! Sorry, I am laughing with you, not at you (hehe). I felt this way when I bought that way cool, fuchsia pink running ball for my rat ladies. Scared as shit (literally) they were for it. Luckily, it has found a new purpose as a bed for the two royal pains in the ass ;). By the way, that ball cost me €30,- so your 2 pounds really is a cheaper compared to that! 🙂 I also once spent about €2,- on some wooden sticks (don’t ask me what kind of wood), that the girls could chew on. Just gave them another one as I found them in the freezer by the way. Yeah, they licked the water, used to defrost them, off and then turned around and crawled back in to their fortress…
    You could use them to scribble down ideas you get for the blog?

    • Hahaha Casper is the same, poopslike a machine in his exercise ball! Loll! Well that’s nifty thinking at least you got some use out of them very expensive exercise balls! Awww like wooden ice lollies! Bet they’re nice on hot days! I actually might do that, always thinking of ideas at crazy moments – these will be pocket sized so could take them everywhere 😀 wicked idea there 😛 x

  3. Best toy I ever got them were huge card-board pipes I brought home from work, used as rolls to keep all kinds of wrapping foils on. They have a diameter of 3,5″ or about 9cm so the ladies can fit easily 🙂

    • I sometimes give these guys the kitchen roll tube when I’ve finished one of them – they aren’t very nibbler hamsters it seems, the usually just admire it from afar and once in a blue moon actually use it as a tunnel! A very thrifty idea too!

  4. That mini-book is a scam! Personally, I would have eaten it in one bite, but it’s not designed for dogs. Apparently, it’s not designed for hamsters either!! Get it together, people. You should invent one (with your own WAY more clever title), and sell it in your Etsy shop.

    Love and licks,

    • I very well make do that. I have some craft bits laying about. Not too sure how I can make it hamster-safe though, may have to be decorational 😛 Could totally add little pet accessories to the site. 😀 I just need that ZING of inspiration! 😀 xx

  5. HamsterMadGirl

    I bought these as well thinking my Syrian ham would love them since he normally chews EVERYTHING but, to my surprise (and annoyance at spending £1.99!) he totally ignored them! Okay maybe a slight sniff and, a very very small “test” nibble but that was it! But before trying them with my ham I first tried them with my rabbit and I know, I know they are quite small for a rabbit AND they say Hamster Times on the front (which I totally agree should be Hammy Potter!) but hey I only have one ham and I thought I might as well at LEAST try them with him and, guess what he LOVED it it was chewed to shreds and I had to throw it out in the end since it was very very VERY chewed and (lovingly?) peed on! But I stand by you thinking £1.99 is way to expensive for some paper with a cardboard cover!

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