Casper’s Big Secret

Casper is one of a kind. He sleeps like a log, anywhere, doesn’t really use his cheeks to hoard and ‘scent-dances’ like a looney.

So what is Casper’s BIG secret?

Well, Casper is deaf (we think).
Now this is quite difficult to prove as all hamsters are different and show different levels of responsiveness toward their owners but saying that, having another 2 hamsters to test my hearing-theories on seems to have shown that Casper really has absolutely no sense of hearing.

If you were to clap or click your fingers over Dexter’s sleeping head, he would jump a mile.
If you were to clap or click over his head while he was running on his flying saucer he would freak out.
Same story for Eve.
The sound of a click or a clap is enough to scare my other two hamsters noticeably.

For Casper, you could sound a fog-horn right over his sleeping head and he wouldn’t even twitch. You could clap behind his back and he wouldn’t even flinch in the slightest. He has no concept of sound!

All this means is that Casper is that wee bit more special. There is nothing we can do about it, we can’t even 100% prove it but we are pretty damn sure!


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16 thoughts on “Casper’s Big Secret

  1. Awwww poor Casper! Whee get scared of loud noises and think whee might prefer being deaf sometimes. But if whee were how would whee hear the hay bag rustling or the fridge door opening or the veggie bowls clinking together or the vegetables being chopped?! Whee like being able to hear. Poor special needs hammy Casper!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  2. Awww thats so true! He misses out when Im shaking the treat jar over his cage ;D haha, I have to give him a gentle prod and he soon realises whats going on 😛 I wonder if thats why hes so docile, he has nothing to fear so just lives the life of luxury 😛 Beautiful noise!

  3. Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy and Casper are right about missing out on the food sounds! It also explains why Casper can sleep anywhere – no sounds to disturb or frighten him 😉

    • They are right! All my cooing and wooing and they dont hear any of it! 😛 Thats exactly what we thought, he can sleep whereever because everywhere is peaceful! 😀

  4. Aww, Casper! Such a brave little guy! No wonder you’re the best sleeper in the world. Mom is writing.a story about a blind dog. Maybe your Mom can write a story about a deaf hamster!

    Love and licks,

    • Awwww that’s actually a pretty awesome idea! I was thinking of a comic, the adventures of dex, eve and cas! 😛 I didn’t get too far with the idea. That reminds me, your bag is in the post and on its way! Was a little delayed, didn’t realise there would be custom forms and stuff. Such a novice! But it’s on it’s way! D let me know when it arrives and be sure to get a mugshot of cupcake with it 😉 hehe xxx

  5. Awww 😦 But of course he still has a happy fulfilled life. And it certainly makes him extra special. ❤

    • Very true! We had a bit of a panic thinking “oh god what on earth do we do for a deaf hammy!” but we’ve come to the agreement, we treat him the same, give him lots of strokes and huggles and contact which I think is the only thing I can do.
      Would you have any tips or suggestions for a deaf hamster? Xxx

  6. Aww he looks like a little polar bear! Perhaps his other senses are a bit more enhanced, the cutey 🙂

    • hehe, said exactly that he looked like a polar bear just today but added on the ‘not as scary’ haha! Hmm wonder what sense he could have heightened, its difficult to tell with hamsters haha 😛

  7. Ow Casper really is special! Lucky for him he doesn’t live in the wild but has an owner who takes marvelous care of him! I wish sometimes Koko and Ruma were deaf. Ruma comes a running when she hears me crackle something plastic, thinking she will get goodies. On the other hand, it’s easy to scare them off when they are doing dangerous stuff. Alltough Koko usually chooses to ignore my voice 😛

    • Thats true, he gets all the cuddles and snuggles a domesticated hammy could wish for 😛 Hahaha awwwww but they do hear you, and they do hear you coming and look forward to seeing you at their cage ahahah CUTEEE! hahaha what a mischievous pair!

      • Am I convincing you how much fun rats are yet? That tail really is barely noticeable (am posting a funny tail story today).

  8. Casper is SO cute 🙂
    Hi Casper! Greetings from a wild (NOT!) Australian Bush Piglet!

    • heheh thank youu! 😀 We have guinea piggie friends but not bush piggy friends, this is awesome! 😀

      • Oh we LOVE Guinea Pigs, but haven’t been allowed any for abt 10 yrs. hubby says they eat his lawn. There won’t be another bush pig either as they TRENCH the lawn with their nose bahahaaaaaaaaa! Don’t think I’ve ever seen a hamster but rats n mice are fun (have pet sat a few for friends 🙂

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