BlogSHOUT: Rattus Norvegicus

I am yet again bringing you another top class pet blog here, not hamsters this time, but another member of the rodent family.
Rats! Now, I have never owned a rat, compared to the hamsters I have always kept, rats seem bigger and a little scarier if I am honest. Plus I may have a secret complex about the tails – I dont know why but they have always freaked me out.
Having said all this, I am slowly coming around to the idea thats rats may actually be kind of cute. I have met a few rattys along my blogging way but now I am once again in the front seat of a ratty-blog and I am loving it!

Meet Koko and Ruma 😀

Koko on the left & Ruma on the right 🙂

They are much bigger than the hamsters I imagine you are used to reading this blog but they are pretty sweet nonetheless 😀

I brightened up this picture from the blog so you can see them a little better too – that is Koko on the left of the picture and thats Ruma, the grey one, on the right.

The posts on this blog are just a treat! They follow the crazy adventures these two cheeky girls get up to!

For example, this is a quick post fromt he other day that just had me smiling.

“I know my owner calls me a thief, but honestly, it’s just a hobby. What hobby am I talking about? Well, I am a collector. A very sophisticated, subtle and sneaky collector. What do I collect you ask? I think it would be easier to ask what I don’t collect. My favorite thing to collect is food, mostly snackfood like potato crisps, nuts, pretzels and gingercake. But I’m not too picky. I mean, I am not like my sister Koko. She collects anything she finds really. Mostly receipts, bags, wrappers and any thing aluminumfoiled. Me, I am more sophisticated, I steall things like contact-lens-containers, bandaids, pencils and mostly rubber duckies. Ohyes, I will go out of my way to steal rubber duckies. Because let’s be honest; who doesn’t LOVE rubber duckies? I do!”

Hahaha these two sound like a lot of fun adn the blog too is getting to grips with WordPress. I urge you to check it out, have a little read and see what you think! Another small-furry blog is just what we all need me thinks ;D


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One thought on “BlogSHOUT: Rattus Norvegicus

  1. Ooo looks good. Mummy’s friend had two rats Johnny and Leo (Short for Johnny Depp and Leonardo Da Caprio!) and Mummy said they were sweet. Obviously not as cute as us though!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

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