My Narcoleptic Hamster

You may have heard of ‘narcolepsy’ before today. There have been a few fascinating documentaries about the condition and it really raised awareness of this rare and life-changing disorder.

What is Narcolepsy?
A disorder characterized by sudden and uncontrollable, though often brief, attacks of deep sleep.

Now Casper is a weird one, we have established this. (And at some point next week I will post the potential reason why Cas is such a funny one – yes there is a reason! So don’t miss that one!)

Anyway until then, I have decided Casper is a narcoleptic hamster.
He doesnt even make it to his bed before he falls asleep.
I am not exaggerating. He will fall asleep anywhere. Any time. I have also considered that the fact he stays asleep when picked up sometimes could be explained by this condition.
Though I haven’t ever heard of it in hamster before but there must be a first for everything right?!

After googling ‘narcolepticΒ hamsters’ I have found people suggesting stress and trauma to be the cause of sudden bouts of sleepiness but Casper just isn’t stressed. He gets his ball exercise (which he has really taken in his stride by the way) and he has a big enough bed, fresh water and plenty of toys in his cage. So the fact he still manages to just zonk out at the drop of a hat is quite funny. Im not too worried, he is a happy hamster just sleepy sometimes ;D

And if you didnt believe me about the sleeping anywhere thing, here are the pictures to prove it:

Its oh so quiet….

…shhhhhh… shhhhhh…..

Its oh so still…. shhhhhh shhhhhhh!

I do love Casper, he just is so DOCILE!! πŸ˜€
And this sleepy habit of his is just another cute string to his bow!

Weirdest place your furry has fallen asleep??? Let me know in the comment box below! And also make sure you follow the blog via email so you don’t miss out on the posts to come πŸ˜€
Peace OUT!

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21 thoughts on “My Narcoleptic Hamster

  1. Awwww Casper!

    Nutty used to fall asleep in the veggie bowl when he was a baby but the weather was warm and the bowl stayed cold so you find of expect that!

    Basil also falls asleep in bowls but Buddy sleeps ANYWHERE! It’s so funny finding him with his chin on the veggie bowl, his lips bright orange from carrot munching, fast asleep!

    Funny furries!


    • hahahaha them veggies are just too good to leave unattended! ;D nawwwwr what cuties. Casper is the same, in his bowl, on his wheel, on his way to the wheel, on his way too bed, and very rarely I actually find him in his bed! ;D hahaha, they are funny indeed! πŸ˜€ xxxx

  2. Casper is so cute! I never fall asleep in strange places. I am such a light sleeper,the slightest noise has me up and looking for danger. Mom thinksi learned this from living on the street when I was little.

    Love and licks,

    • Awww you have that street wise streak in you, thats always handy! πŸ˜€ Hahaha you sound a lot like myself! Im like a meerkat at the slightest rustle or squeak. πŸ˜€ xx

  3. I would keep Casper in my pocket, he’s too cute.

    • Hahaha he would stay alseep in your pocket, youd probably forget hes there! πŸ˜€ Hahaha, he once snoozed in my hoodie pocket and I only remembered when about half hour later a furry face popped out πŸ˜›

  4. That is SO cute!!!! Only my Robos would do that! Fall asleep in places. Usually on their wheel. They don’t now though!

    • Awwww they must knacker themselves out running like loonys ahahah, Dexter has never sleeped in weird places, neither has Eve. Its all Casper. πŸ˜› What funny ones!

  5. A narcoleptic hamster – that is just too funny πŸ™‚

    • Funny and potentially true ?! haha, We think we have fathomed out the true cause of his behaviour, typing up my post right now πŸ˜› Should be going out on wednesday hopefully :))

  6. Koko sleeps everywhere in the cage as well. When she was little, she slept in her food bowl, now she’s twice the size of it. She’ll sleep just on the barred-floors of the cage, in a box that is WAY to small for her, in the fortress, ON the fortress, in the hammocks, in the running ball that now serves as a bed. Oh yes, madam isn’t picky. And Ruma, she has a few normal spots but then sometimes likes to curl up in the silent spinner… Nuts I tell ya! πŸ™‚

    • Hahaha sounds like we have a Casper-twin over there! Hahaha what a sleepy rat ^.^ cute! You should try and get some snaps of them sleeping, would be so adorable to see! Aww ruma must have her cosy spots haha, much like Eve hehe, never a dull moment with furries πŸ˜€ xx

  7. Ava

    haaaa my hamster Snickerdoodle sometimes stays in her nest for days only coming out for food and water

  8. Ava

    She also is a very silly hamster she climbs the bars and comes when u call her name

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  10. Karlee Anne

    My hamster (Peaches) does the same thing! She sleeps on her wheel, in her sand pit, by her water and her litterbox. She takes naps in these places but always sleeps the day away in her igloo.

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