Today: Open an Etsy Shop. Tomorrow: World Domination!

I have set up an Etsy shop.
*round of applause*

Okay I may need to rewind a little bit here because this is a little out of the blue.
Before I went on holiday, I went all craft-crazy! I printed my own abstract animal designs onto a set of cotton shoulder bags.

So far there are 5 designs but custom designs can be requested (hint hint!)


After making 5 bags (a blue eyed kitty, a green eyed kitty, a puppy dog, a hamster and a bunny rabbit) I thought ‘hmmm, maybe people would like to have one of these bags of their own!’ 
So I have loaded up the bags onto Etsy. Now what is Etsy? It is a place to open your own little “online shop” where you can sell hand-crafted items, vintage items or craft supplies -my bags falling into the hand-crafted category! 😀

The shoulder bags are 100% natural and eco-friendly cotton so if you go out shopping you can feel that little bit better knowing you are not harming the environment with all them plastic bags! Also the long straps mean they fit perfectly over your shoulder and look bloomin’ great!

All the designs are done by me! The actual look of the bags came to me in a dream, seriously! I was going for that minimal, abstract look that looks modern and quirky! Timeless, thats the word I was looking for, timeless!

I have made it possible on the shop to customise your own shoulder bag. So say you have a blue eyed kitty cat with ginger ears, you can request that and have your very own kitty cat bag made for you! How cool is that! 😀

All the designs can be customised to your own pets look – for bunny rabbits, doggies, hamsters, mice, rats, guinea piggies and gerbils – so each bag is unique and personal to you!

Can I also point out the whiskers are raised on all the designs for that extra eye-catching effect! Dont believe me, you’re going to have to get one to see! 😀 😀

Now my Etsy shop doesn’t look all that mind-blowing – I only opened it yesterday guys – don’t be too harsh on me! 😀

AND I have a secret for all my blog readers.
A 20% discount on any order!

Coupon Code:

That right there is EXCLUSIVE for you guys! So make the most of it!

And because I am feeling generous – FREE postage to the UK for any size order! 😀 WOOHOO! More bang for your buck or what! 😀

If things go out of stock, I will work super quick to have them replaced so don’t panic. There is only one of each so far because I am just dipping my toe in the water AND I am leaving it open for customisations.

So what do you guys think??


Check it out, comment below let me know what you think of my designs. 😀

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17 thoughts on “Today: Open an Etsy Shop. Tomorrow: World Domination!

  1. They look great! Maybe you could do some customised Halloween one’s or Pigmass one’s? They would made great trick-or-treat bags or gift bags.

    Whee will pop over and check out your shop now!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • That’s a brilliant idea! Little Santa hats and cobwebs for each, what a fabulous idea! Yaya thank you for checking it out :))) xxxx

      • Our Mummy has loads of ideas but not the motivation to do them! Also she considers herself artistically disabled so she will stick to just doing photography of us piggies!

        Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

        • Hehehe that’s funny (am I allowed to giggle ?! :P) I usually lack the drive to put my ideas into motion but this time I thought just go for it, see how it goes! Worst that will happen is I will have 5 bags all to myself – I’m not complaining ;)) xxx

          • You can giggle! Efurryone else does!

            Mummy is thinking of trying to make some sort of competition to make a calender using photos sent in by other bloggers. But she’s not sure. Maybe a Pigmass event . . . if she can be bothered . . . maybe!

            Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

            • That’s a wonderful idea!! Definitely worth doing, especially for Xmas! All the blogger pets will get their claws out in that fight to be Miss January etc 😉 hahah xxx

  2. Adorable! We love Etsy. Mom buys me collars and sometimes clothes from Etsy artists. We’ll take a look at your shop soon.

    Love and licks,

    • I’m getting to grips with it slowly 😛 thinking I can definitely do a custom made cupcake doggy design 😀 hehe let me know what you think when you do check it out :)) xx

  3. Cuteness! I wish you all the luck in the world!

  4. hannahcxxx

    They look great!!! Hope loads of people buy them 😀
    Hannah with Willow xxx
    (P.S. your BlogSHOUT post about your blog will be up on my blog soon, will tell you when it’s out :))

    • Hehe thank you! Me too, theyve been my little project to keep me occupied recently 😀 I can always do a Willow hammy bag if you ever fancied one ^.^ tehe, oooooh! SUPER excited – you really didnt have to though hun, it was my pleasure to brag about Animal Tails! 😀

  5. Good luck with your Etsy shop, I have one and it’s great fun pottering around in it! Am going to visit now and fave you! (tip: could you iron the bags to get the creases out? would look more professional and hopefully result in a sale!). Cath 🙂

    • Ooooh thank you, I will have to do the same for you ^.^ hehe, well after the pictures have been taken they’ve all been washed and ironed so they look fab. I just got impatient and took pictures once I’d printed them 😛 I will demos take more picture when my new stock arrives 😀 thank you for the advice cath :))

      • You’re welcome, glad you didn’t take offence! I’m also impatient and tend to make do with the first lot of photos I take of my jewellery. But when you see it on the screen it never looks right. I’ve just discovered which is a free photo editing programme and I’m slowly but surely re-touching all the photos! Good luck with the shop, noticed you made a sale already! Cath.

  6. Those are super cute! I love them!

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