BlogSHOUT: Animal Tails

So I have decided to brag about a superb hamster blog I have recently discovered!

Hamster blogs are hard to come by but this one is a complete gemstone!! I really recommend you check it out because it just looks so professional and has that consistency that makes a blog so gripping to visit time and again!

Animal Tails is not a WordPress blog which must be why I haven’t discovered it sooner! But that doesn’t make it any less wonderful to reader because it really is a FABULOUS blog!

Hannah, the blogger, has a gorrrrgeous hammy called Willow who is just adorable!! (I will have to keep Dexter and Casper firmly in their cage with blindfolds on because Willow is a real beauty!!) The blog is all about her adventures as well as a really beautiful tribute to Lolly, the hamster who sadly passed away earlier this year.

The pictures are constantly charming and I genuinely can’t find anything to fault! The posts are great and entertaining and in addition to the posts and pictures, there is a Facebook Page to like, a Youtube channel to subscribe to, polls to answer and a competition to mark the 10,000 view on the site. How brilliant is that? Is there anything this blog can’t do?! 😀

As a fellow hamster lover to another, Animal Tails is a great blog and so worth a hundred reads if you have the time 😉 If not, use that few minutes you have spare before you go to sleep tonight, and give it a look! You will no regret it, it will grip you!!

Go and check it out and see what you think. You thought Dexter, Eve and Casper were adorable?! You haven’t seen Willow yet! 😀 (Okay so they are ALL equally as adorable)
Raising that bar in hamster blogging is as always a fabulous sight and Animal Tails really has set that bar at an incredibly high standard.

I have taken the picture of Willow here from the blog and the title picture is also from the site, it was like a temptation for you all… If I lured you in with a cute picture, you’d go and visit it right?! Or is that sneaky? Nope, that’s exactly what I was going for! 😀

Lots of love to Willow from Dexter, Casper and Eve (even if they are a little jealous at your beauty :P)


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13 thoughts on “BlogSHOUT: Animal Tails

  1. I visited. You’re right! ADORABLE! The world needs more hamster dancing!

  2. Whee will have to check that out! Whee have been converted to the cuteness of hammies!

    Would you believe Mummy used to be really scared of them after one attacked her when she was little (Tore up her hand. Nasty!)

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

    • Awww what a mean hammy to nibble your mommy’s hand up :(( I can assure you these three are friendly as… winnie the pooh with cupcakes! ;D Mighty friendly 😉 hehe, And now there is Willow! Another super friendly one – hamster-fying the planet one blogger at a time ;D xxxx

  3. hannahcxxx

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀
    Thank you so much chaoticscribbles! I can’t thank you enough…
    THANK YOU!!!
    I will definitely do a post about your blog, as it is AMAZING! I have never really found a great hamster blog before, but yours certainly is!!!
    This is such a nice post about my blog! You didn’t have to write such nice things about my blog! 😀 Thank you!!
    (a very excited) Hannah – with Willow xxx

    • Hehehe seriously, it was my pleasure! 😀 Its always such a treat to find another hamster blog, and you and Willow have nailed it! I couldnt fault it, honestly! 😀 I love it and just hope my readers enjoy it as much as me!!! Cuddles for Willow from me Dex, Eve and Cas 😀 xxx

  4. Excellent!!! Added to my roll!

  5. Very funny. I have a robo dwarf hamster site that I run which is similar. I love these furry little guys.

  6. You are right, Willow is adorable! The name reminds me of a baby rabbit I named Willow a few months ago.

  7. JJ

    Hey! I have a hybrid dwarf, and i was wondering if I could give him a peice of ice berg lettuce? Thanx

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