Oh THATS The Hamster You Belong To!

Did you see yesterdays post?? NO?!?! CHECK IT OUT BEFORE READING ANY FURTHER!!! Not allowed to peek at the answers ­čśÇ

Yesterday I posted a challenged, a picture challenge! I showed you 6 photos of parts of Dexter, Eve and Casper and asked you to guess who they belonged to, well as I am on holiday at the moment I have scheduled these answers to show you all what belonged to who!

I wonder how many you got right!!


I am sure this ear is the most recognisable out of the bunch! I was warming you up! This ear belonged to:

Next up…


Okay, little trickier now. Who are you staring at here? This eye belongs to:

Now onto the next…


I wonder if you guessed this one correctly. That white fur is certainly distinct but I wonder if you noticed them ginger streaks coming through?? This paw belongs to:

Now onto D, how are you doing so far??


This should be kind of easy… Lovely whiskers which of course means that they belong to:



Again with that distinct white beard… but have I caught you out again?!?! This is the chin belonging to:

And now for that final snap…


Who is this mystery Cinderella hmm? White fur, could possibly be a trick question again!? Well this paw belongs to:

I wonder how well you did with these. I tried to challenge you so hope you didnt find it too easy ­čśŤ
Enjoy the rest of your day, nearly back to normality blogging so hang on in there ­čśŤ


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