Andy Warhol: Paw-p Art

I bet as soon as you saw the name ‘Andy Warhol‘ you could have a pretty good guess at the kinds of pictures that would undoubtedly follow. Warhol must be one of the most well know artists of all time – who doesn’t recognise the famous soup cans or the Marilyn Monroe  quadrant picture?!

The bright and vivid styles of this controversial art work became the start of the wave later known as ‘pop art’. It was ground-breaking at the time and I can kind of see why.
Take these Marilyn Monroe prints fro example – they are contrasting and eye-catching and so different from anything that came before it!

I did a bit of geeky research on the subject after being inspired by a comment from a fellow blogger – I admittedly don’t have a clue about the art world. I could read up all day and night for a week and still not have covered half of the facts of Warhol’s life and times!
But I still managed to find this arty website – you can use these dial things to create your very own Warhol Marilyn face 😛 My childishly-creative side did take over my geeky-researching side and spent a good ten minutes choosing my own colour combo’s. It shard to explain, check out the site and see what I mean – its abstract fun! 😀

Oh and that Marilyn Monroe quadrant picture is Andy Warhol’s colours (not my own interpretation). Confused? Check out that link to the arty website and you’ll see what I mean.

Now, it may start to make sense where I got the title ‘paw-p art’ from. It wasnt my greatest pun ever but it was the best I could think of 😛

I have taken a photo of Dexter, a photo of Eve and a photo of Casper and made my own prints. They aren’t quite as retro and awesome and Warhol’s but these are my attempts.
The  first one I tried out was with Dexter.
I used a cute and clear picture of him as using a blurry pic would just end badly for everyone involved. 😛

I also think his eyes are really bold in this picture so why not transform it into something retro.

For all three of my prints, I have used the same 4 colours (red, blue, green and yellow) and tried to make it as bright as I can. The brighter the better – its more eye-catching and isn’t the point of pop-art to stand out and grab attention?! 😀

I kept to the style of Monroe as close as I could with my simple ‘Microsoft Picture Manager’ software by using the same image in each quarter. Now, I cant create all the sketchy lines that Warhol created with his prints, but I increased the contrast to make the shadows deeper and make them eyes really pop!

Each individual corner tells a rather different kind of story.
The blue looks cold and withdrawn. Matching them typical connotations of the colour blue with feelings of sadness and loneliness make the whole blue corner look ‘chilly’.
I took Creative and Media as part of my GCSE’s so reading too much into colours and their connotations are forever embedded in my brain. Permanently. Prominently.
The red is hot and passionate but at the same time could represent fear and blood. Why on earth my hamster is now portraying blood is a bit too much depth for me – but you get the idea. The colours on their own make me feel an emotion I don’t particularly want to feel whilst looking at my cutie.

BUT as a whole, all the colours combined in one picture, it looks complete and bright and happy. How do the simple colours make me feel happy?! I dont know – lets blame that arty brain I have been taught to have.

When I moved onto Eve’s print picture, I found the colours were playing the same tricks on me. The colours on their own weren’t anything special.

As soon as I put them all together (yes I moved around the colours – call it experimenting) it felt complete and exciting! Yay for bright colours! And YAY for happy pictures!

In a way, its similar to the black and white pictures. If I did this to my pictures everyday, it would be annoying and tediously boring. BUT for the special occasion it is different and fresh! (Okay so there isn’t a special occasion but there doesnt need to be to make pretty pictures!)

Looking at these, I could picture them on a big canvas and up in a very modern flat. What screams ‘modern art’ more than crazy coloured hamsters on a canvas.

I would say to those who are interested – send me in a paw-p art picture of your pooch, kittycat, bunny, piggie, hamster, bird, horse or lizard in the style of Warhol! But this isnt exactly as simple as taking a picture and emailing it in. If you have a simple editor then you are good to go!

Open up your chosen image in your simplest editor (Might be easier for those with Microsoft Picture Manager to follow this brief guide)
Look for the ‘Colour‘ option in your editor.
Make sure you have sliders for ‘Hue‘, ‘Amount‘ and ‘Saturation‘ or whatever the equivalent is for your personal editor.
Then slide the ‘Amount‘ slider up to 100%, it should turn your picture red?
Then use your ‘Hue‘ slider to select which tone of the rainbow you wish to use for your picture.
Then ‘Save As‘ and afterwards undo the changes until you’re back with the original and change the ‘Hue‘ each time till you have four colours. I also adjusted the contrast in my pictures but that isnt important if  you do give it a go! 😀

I have probably made it out to be far more complicated than it actually is! After I had 4 pictures in different colours, I used good old ‘Paint’ to put them all together; the result is what you can see 3 times over on this post!

And who said red, green, blue and yellow could be your only choices. For Casper’s masterpiece I decided on orange, purple, teal and lime. It still works!

The colours you chose are where the whole personality thing comes into play. Try it out and email me your attempts – I feel another gallery post coming on 😛
My email is ‘’ or just check out the Contact page from the tab in the top right corner of the page.

What do you think of this paw-p art?? Are you a fan?? Comment below with thoughts 😀

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8 thoughts on “Andy Warhol: Paw-p Art

  1. Great effects! They look like hamster Easter eggs!! Cute!

  2. Hello there, I think that this is fun art. Just put up a post about Fred The Hamster in Hand. Check it out.

    • Ahhh I sbsolutely LOVE it! Fred is such a handsome hammy! I have lined up a post for tomorrow shouting about your lovely work! 😀 I have linked your blog too so my readers can check it out too, hope this is okay 😀

      • Is it OK? It is wonderful and I am so glad that you think that much of the post. Your writing is great too and I thank you so much!

  3. We love the effects yoos used! We were so inspired by this that we did a post about it ourselves and even had a go at making some of those cool pigtures!!!
    Piggeh kisses,
    Poppy and Clover

    • Ahhhh they are brilliant – seriously impressed over here! 😀 Wish I had the editor you have, looks fabulous! Bet the possibilities are endless as to how you can edit your pics 😀 Loveeeeee it!! xxxxx

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