King of the Swingers

Just when I think I have seen it all, one of my hamsters acts like a complete and utter twazzok weirdo unique being.
And I think its fair to say that Casper is the main focus of this attention. He is starting to really settle in – yes I have had him for over 3 weeks now so he should be comfortable and settled which is true, but it seems that just in the last few days he has come out of his hammy-shy-shell and is continuing his quirky behaviours.

It started with the nesting thing, the sleeping like a log thing, then the absent-hoarding thing, then the funny dancing thing (which we established was Casper’s enthusiastic scenting ritual) and NOW he has turned into my very own ‘George of the Jungle’.
Oh come on hasnt everyone seen that awfully cheesy movie!? Released 1997 with that goofy guy (Brendan Fraser) who was also the guy from the Mummy. It was the unslick version of Disney’s Tarzan – c’moooon someone else must have seen this terrible film?! 😛

I am straying from the point here. How uncharacteristic of me 😉

SO Casper is the living reincarnation of that terrible film character George. He is taking note from Eve’s masterful monkey-bar talents but not quite managing the artful finish Eve quite has.
What am I getting at? Well Casper climbs the chew-stick… and then holds on for dear life for a bit! He sometimes tries to stretch out an arm to attempt the monkey bars, but hilariously splat’s flat on his back (or face). He has definitely not got the hang of it yet…HAHAHAH did you see what I did there!
My god, I have got to stop finding my own puns so funny!

Now think long and hard about this; if your beloved pet could be a film character/celebrity (alive or dead, fact or fiction) what would it be???

Casper – Brendan Fraser (that guy from George of the Jungle) because he hangs about, is a complete goof-ball and yet still surprisingly very loveable!
Dexter – Mo Farah (Double Olympic Gold Medalist for Team GB) because he runs and runs and runs and runs and runs, etc.
Eve – Queen Latifa (Mama from Chicagos – shes also in Hairspray but never seen that) because she is big and beautiful just like my Mumma Ham 😉

Now what about you guys? 😀


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7 thoughts on “King of the Swingers

  1. Hmmm… Not sure about which celebrities we could be, but I know what sport we would compete in in the Olympics!
    I would be a boxer or wrestler because I’m sososo strong and verreh -chubbeh- no, MUSCLEY!! xD
    Poppy would be a gymnast because she’s so bendeh and great at getting into weird positions.
    Oh and mummeh said that her old piggeh Pepper would be a long jumper because she used to be able to jump the whole length of her cage and Pepper’s sister Marmalade would have been a sprinter because she could run sososososo fast!
    Luv the picture of Casper hanging on for dear life there by the way!! xD
    Piggeh kisses,

    • Oh course you would make spectacular Olympic medallists! 😀 And noooo theres nothing chubbeh – all muscle! 😀 hehe, I couldnt think of an olympic sport that involves just hanging casually hence I went for the jungle vine-swinger route ;D xxx

  2. Have I got a hamster for you. His name is Fred and I painted him is soft pastel. I will post him soon. You have a great sense of humor!

  3. Hmmmm

    Nibbles would have to be George Clooney, sophistacted, handsome and all the Mummy’s love him (apart from mine who says he could be her Dad!)
    Nutty would be Johnny Depp in a Jack Sparrow way because he is really funny and similarly daft!
    Buddy would be Ian Somerhalder (or as Mummy likes to call him ‘Smoulder-holder’!) because he is good looking and all the ladies are crazy for him!
    Basil would have to be Matt Smith, the guy who plays Doctor Who. He has all the energy, craziness and possibly the ability to time travel but whee cannot confirm this!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  4. Chani @ pearls,lace and pancakes

    I was thinking about this for most of yesterday and all of today.

    I’m still not sure, but the closest I can think for Heston is Raj from The Big Bang Theory. He’s got a selection of cheeky looks and also this startled look whenever his friends do something strange (always) that looks very similar to when Heston is startled and stands up with his ears pricked. I did think Leonard, but he always seems to have the bad luck of the group, whereas Heston is spoiled rotten.

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