The Hyperactive Hamster

Casper has got oodles of energy. And by ‘oodles‘ I mean serious amounts of energy! In the picture above he had been running about on my bed for ages and then proceeded to lay down with my iPad as a pillow. CUTIE!

(Ps. Did you notice the About Casper page? I finally got round to putting it up the other day πŸ˜›)

So Casper has some funny habits but the majority of his habits are improving.
He has settled down his nest building habits – before he would build a nest in each corner, but now he favours the bottom right corner now – the first sign of normality for this hamster. He has also starting hoarding his food, burying it in sawdust so it looks like he has no food and I feel like a big meanie for starving him. Its his sneaky way of me filling his bowl up again. He gets a second helping of muesli and I wonder why he’s getting a tad porky πŸ˜›

But there is one ‘behaviour’ that I still cant get my head around. When he was out running like a loony bin on the bed (from the same time as the photo above was taken) he starting scratching dancing freaking out acting oddly.
I have made a video of the ‘event’ but almost seem to have caught him doing it by accident. I wanted to take a video of him cleaning himself – if you have never seen a hamster grooming you are in for a treat – but seem to have caught his funny dancing. I want to call it dancing because he was soooo over-the-top πŸ˜€
Okay Im not really making sense… Just watch the video, here is Casper being a hyperactive hamster whilst out to play the other night. I start off by shaking his paw (like a Sir), he does his little dance, has a scratch and then has a big clean and continues running around like a mad-ham. Its cute, it made me laugh hard and its cute.

Got something AWESOME lined up for real soon too πŸ˜€ Keep your eyes peeled!

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10 thoughts on “The Hyperactive Hamster

  1. It’s very cute!

  2. Chani @ pearls,lace and pancakes

    I’m pretty sure I know what this is. Heston does it occasionally. He’s scenting!

    I’m not sure if you know but on a male hamster’s hips he has scent glands. You can actually feel them as a little ‘pea’ shape if you feel around. When cleaning, hammys pay particular attention to their hips and this is why. Perhaps he’s doing it because he’s out of his cage or he may even smell dexter if you’ve had him in the same place before.

    Like I say, Heston does this occasionally (I don’t know why it’s not more regular), and it looks a bit like he’s randomly twisting himself against objects and surfaces. He can look really crazy!

    It’s a brilliant video, but I have to say that my favourite bit was the paw-shake. IT WAS SO CUTE!!!!!

    Much love to hyper Casper and the others!

    • Ahhhhh that would make so much sense! He just kept on doing it agian and again so I got a bit confused πŸ˜› We do let all the hammys run around on the bed at separate times – just never seen Dexter or Eve do it πŸ˜› Perhaps Casper is insecure about smelling them ? Hehehe, he was just sat there so I thought I shall shake you by the paw mister and he looked like ‘what on earth are you doing crazy lady…’ hahaha πŸ˜€ Much love to Heston too xxx

      • Chani @ pearls,lace and pancakes

        I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think female hamsters have the hip glands, so that would explain why Eve doesn’t do it. As for Dexter I’m not sure, but perhaps because he was there first he doesn’t feel the need to scent! Perhaps he thinks he’s the hamster king! Okay, I’m getting carried away now…

  3. From watching Dancing With the Stars, I’m pretty sure Casper is doing the Samba. He’s good. I’ll give him a 9.

  4. xD Awww Casper yoos is sosososo cute when yoos does that!!! He cleans himself the same way we do! We get up on our back legs and clean our faces with our front paws like that too!!!
    Piggeh kisses,
    Poppy and Clover

    • Wow, I actually had No idea you guinea piggies cleaned in the same way – this is brilliant!!! Super closely related to hammys then πŸ˜€ hehe bet you look cute cleaning too πŸ˜€

  5. I love Casper, he’s hilarious. Not sure if he’s better at disco or salsa moves?

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