You may have seen Heston the hamster before today.
He starred in a post with his head popping out of an after eights box – remember the pic…If not just peek to the right and you will soon recall πŸ˜‰ – Β he belongs to blogger GoodGirlGlasgow who is currently constructing a brand new craft and lifestyle blog – EXCITING STUFF!
Well, Heston is about to star on HamsterDiaries again.
And this time he has a WHOLE post dedicated to himself!
(I seriously couldn’t resist, he is such a cutie!)

The following pictures all fit into a previous post – bet you can guess which πŸ˜€

This first pic was for the HamsterDiaries Black and White Gallery. Heston’s eyes really stand out in this snap, its gorgeous!! πŸ˜€
What you taking a picture of mumma?!

Heston in B&W

This next photo is of Heston being pet-shamed. Awww Heston you cheeky monkey! This made me really chuckle πŸ˜›
In all honesty, I think this is proper clever! Welldone Heston for mastering an escape! That’s some genius hamster brains right there! πŸ˜€

Heston being Pet-Shamed, awwww! πŸ˜›

AWWWWW HE LOOKS SO SWEEEEEET!! And your nest looks 5 star here Hest πŸ˜› You need to teach my Casper a thing or two about a tidy cage! Hehehe!
Also, another pet-shaming picture (not of Heston phew ;D) but of Heston’s friend πŸ˜›
Hehehe ohh hello little kittycat! Hope you and Heston get along πŸ˜‰ Hamsters dont make good treats, they bite and scratch back πŸ˜› Not that Ive tried munching one before but Im guessing thats what happens πŸ˜›

The next picture is my favourite! You remember GoodGirlGlasgow won 1st runners up prize in my 100th post prize giveaway? Well here prize arrived and here is Heston with his goodies – no nibbling mister ;D

EEEEEEEEEEEEH I genuinely love this picture! Heston, you have a gorrrrrrrrrgeous coat! Look at that pretty band on your back, its beautiful!!! πŸ˜€ And between you and me, I think Eve is eyeing you up in that postcard πŸ˜‰ This is the exact reason I loved the give-away; seeing the happy results! πŸ˜€ I may not have much but I am so happy that people are enjoying some human kindness! Well Heston certainly is enjoying it hehehe! πŸ˜€

So officially Heston, you are part of the HamsterDiaries hammy-family πŸ˜›
Thank you for all these LAAAVELY photos, keep us posted!!!

Love Dexter, Eve and Casper

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9 thoughts on “Heston

  1. Chani @ pearls,lace and pancakes

    Your lovely post about Heston has brought a tear to my eye! Thankyou from both of us. Heston is very chuffed to be part of the Hammy Family.

    As for Eve eyeing him up, haha! I do have a confession though. Or rather Heston does. I turned away for a second and caught him NIBBLING the picture of Eve! Very little damage was done, but all the same he is yet again in the naughty books. I’m not sure I’d be able to use them as postcards – they’re too lovely to give away!

    Thanks again! Xxx

    Ps god knows when the blog will be up…I still can’t decide on a domain properly!

    • He is more than welcome! HAHAHA oh Heston you cheeky cheeeeeky monkey! πŸ˜€ Eve will be flattered, she is already blushing I can tell πŸ˜‰ hehe thats alright you can save them, I kept one behind from the giveaway for myself because I couldnt quite part with it πŸ˜› Hahaha, was ‘pearls, lace and pancakes’ your idea? Becuase we think it sounds great and catchy! And good job the kitty doesnt notice Heston – I bet he would look well tasty in his cage πŸ˜€ hahaha xxx

  2. Chani @ pearls,lace and pancakes

    Also, cat has never and will never get to meet Heston. Although she has never even noticed the cage whenever she has wandered in and pleased herself.

    And in future, I will try and get my pics in in time for your themed posts!


  3. Very, very pleased to hear you have not tried snacking on a hamster! πŸ™‚

  4. I love your blog!!! Makes me want to start my own hammy blog. But I just talk about them at least once a week on my regular blog instead. lol. Are you a member of Hamster Central by any chance?

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