Chavs. Always With The Chavs.

There are noisy chavs outside my window. Well not literally outside my window – they’re on a bench, on a path alongside my house which happens to be my window side.  And DAMMMMMN they are loud! I wish they would take their low-riding-trackie-bottomed selves away from my window. Or at least put the volume down to a simmer rather that shout. “YOU ARE SAT RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! WHY SHOUT?!”
Look what you under-aged drinking hoodies  made me do, take my anger out on my blog… damn you!

Onto more important matters!
This is a bit of a bitty-post. The chavs have put me off my thought-flow. So I am mentioning a few things to get me going.

I am still putting together my black and white pet gallery post. I have got so many SUPER DUPER cute pictures already lined up so will put that together for tomorrow so if you have a b&w snap of your furry email it to me (check out my contact page for the details) I intend to link all the piccys to the blogs who post them so I can show you all off! 😀 Do it! Do it noww!!! 😀

I have a video of Casper being verrrrrry unusual so will be putting that together in the next couple of days to show to you all. I shall try and chose some royalty-free music this time so it doesnt block every country in the world from watching it. Lets just say Casper had me full on belly-laughing – never known a hamster quite like him! He is a funny one!

I have a job interview tomorrow morning (wish me luck!) so cant stay up tooooooooo late doing this post. Its my own fault yes, I know, for not doing this earlier but I was running errands all day. And being lazy. So shoot me!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND I also have a special something lined up maybe not for the next few posts but for somepoint in the next few weeks. That was vague and alluring. PERFECT!

I am off to bed. Back to cute hamster chitter-chatter tomorrow!!


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7 thoughts on “Chavs. Always With The Chavs.

  1. Good luck with the job interview. I hope the Chavs don’t keep you awake. Lots of Wheeks! Snuggles, Daisy, Peaches and Cinnamon.xxxx

  2. Good luck at the interview. Don’t forget to SMILE!

  3. Good luck with the interview and hope the chavs didn’t keep you up all night!

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