Whiskers And (lots of) Words

When I blog, I have a sort of routine. It sometimes varies but its pretty much a set list of events that leads me to my final post. This post is basically a kind of ‘How to’ write a blog post but with some completely random and unnecessary extra thoughts.

I start with a picture.
This picture was the chosen one. Now I noticed a few sinister things whilst staring into the abyss looking for ideas and inspiration.

First of all, I have horrendously chipped nail varnish. I mean c’monnn girl get it together, it takes what, 5 minutes to slap on a fresh coat of colour?! And there is me with my week old pink polish all chipped and skanky, distracting from my cheeky hamsters gaze. Damn. I have got to sort that out.

Secondly, LOOK AT MY SPLIT ENDS!!! There is definitely a sensible reason I stay out of the photos, my disgusting split ends are one of them! There are hairdressers out there, clawing at the screen, convulsing and foaming at the mouth – wishing my hair a loving cut. My excuse? My hairdresser moved away, my local hairdresser cut my hair wonky once and I cried, it was raining once….. who am I kidding. I’m just lazy. I’ll sort it out soon. I swear. AFTER I’ve painted my nails of course.

Thirdly, “n’t be” on my shirt makes no sense. It looks incomplete and messy, destroying my calm OCD-riddled brain.. It actually says ‘don’t be snappy‘ and there’s a picture of a crocodile above it. I love my childish tee’s; they’re comfy, timeless and comfy (did I mention comfy already?). I’m not quite sure why this was distracting but now I’ve mentioned it, I feel much happier. That obsessive thing I do is flaring up again, isn’t it?

But more distracting that any of my personally insecurities …
 …how freaking LONG are Dexter’s whiskers?!
LOOK AT THEM! Its like a whisker-y firework has gone off in his face!  They’re soooooooo long! And there are so many of them! Its cute, very cute, I just wonder why its taken quite so long for me to realise this 😛 Maybe its because I’ve never really stared at a photo like I did this one. I probably wouldn’t have stared for so long if I hadn’t noticed my crappy nails and awful hair and, well you get the picture…

ANYWAY after I start with a picture, I write words. 
This post was supposed to be a typical post.
Instead I am dissecting my methods and getting incredibly side-tracked. But yes, this is my step 2 if you like. I write many words, based around the picture I start with. You can see where this is going right?

I try not to think too much about what I write. I think my personality comes through strong enough without me studying every line and its how my ideas flow best. I tend to write EXACTLY how I speak or talk or even think. Its what I think blogging is primarily about (an online diary or a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page; also called a Weblog – the official definition of a blog right there for you.. as if you didn’t already know :P) Its what makes things awesome to read.
No-one wants to read a pointless load of waffle.
By the way, this post is a pointless load of waffle, feel free to skim-read what you feel is necessary.

NEXT, I think up of a quirky and humorous title for my post.
Hmm this post could be a tricky example but you’ve got to grab them fleeting attention-spans!
‘How to Blog’ – no way too serious and this post wouldn’t be remotely helpful for those who actually wanted to know how to blog.
‘A picture is worth 1000 insecurities’ – no again, way too deep. Plus I spotted 3 flaws (maybe 4 if you count the remains of an empty Haribo bag sneaking into the left hand side of the picture) which is nowhere near the 1000 the title would suggest.
‘The Thought Train of a Loony-Bin’ – We’re are getting closer to the kind of title I’m looking for but no. Its not quite the angle I was going for.
No, I need to think of something clever and catchy. What have I mentioned in this post…Split ends… Whiskers… I’m sure there is something title-worthy in there somewhere. I’ll fish it out before I press publish I am sure.

Finally, I correct my sloppy spelling and hit publish!
Even if you do spot all my errors, I do TRY to sort them all out before I post to the world. But sometimes I get caught up in reading my own thought train I miss the same mistakes again. How I got from chipped nail polish to here is beyond me but there we go!

Another day another post 😀 Happy reading folks!

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6 thoughts on “Whiskers And (lots of) Words

  1. Those ARE whiskery-fireworks! I only have a few whiskers. On the white side of my face, they’re white. On the black side of my face, my whiskers are black. I am color coordinated!

    Love and licks,

  2. This post is hilarious. I really enjoyed reading it. The funny thing is, I never realised how long Dexter’s whiskers are either, I was too busy looking at everything else in the photo. Although I did notice his beautiful eyes and a poster in the background, though not sure what is on the poster?

    • hehehe, thank you 😛 Its weird, you would think whiskers like them would tickle me more but nope. Oh its my boyfriends poster, something xbox-y (its wasted on me, I just smile and nod. :P)

  3. Chani @ pearls,lace and pancakes

    Smiling and nodding is best with the men-kind. Grant is currently on the ps3, giving me some much needed time to catch up blog-wise.

    When I write a post (which you may have noticed lately, is very rarely – I’m working on another blog behind the scenes) I always come up with the title first. Next time I’m going to try it your way and see if it works any better!

    • Oooooh I cant wait to see your new blog! 😀 For me, thinking of the title can inspire some great ideas for the post (or in my case I sometimes look at pictures Ive taken to see if that gives me ideas). As soon as something is sparked, you gotta run with it. And if I cant think of a witty title, I look at the things Ive written about and list them. ‘Sunflower Seeds and Broccoli’ was the first use of this technique all them months ago 😛

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