Its not OK to have favourites… is it?

I imagine when it comes to pets its a little bit like children. If you have more than one, you can’t have a favourite.
Saying that, doesn’t everyone have a favourite even if they don’t speak of it out loud?

I love my three hamsters very dearly. They are cuddly, cute and make me laugh even if I am having a bad day. They are certainly nowhere near as much work as an infant would be, and I personally am not even close to mature enough to have my own children any-time soon. So hamsters seem like the logical stepping stone.

I have an older sister. There has been no end of sibling rivalry between us over the years. My point? My parents dont have favourites between us (despite all the typical conspiracies). Thats law number one with children isnt it? You cant favour one over the other, its just not the done thing. I may be considering my pet hamsters way too closely with offspring here but you get my point. You can’t put one loved ones priorities and needs over the other loved one.

Now I am prepared very much so for the backlash of my next statement.
Okay, I lied. I’m not ready.
But here it goes….
I have a favourite.

I’ve tried not to love this particular furry more so than the other two. But I just can’t help it!
Can you guess who I am talking about???
 Let me give you a clue. Here he is daydreaming peacefully under my collar yesterday evening:
I just cant help but feel a greater bond with little Dexter. That doesn’t mean I dont love Eve and Casper because I do love them very very much! They are super cute and they have their own personalities and traits but I can not help but feel my little connection with Dexter is the strongest. He curls up and dozes on mine and my boyfriends shoulder, he licks our hands (so we may taste good or smell of Eve but that’s not the point – he doesn’t use his teeth is my point), he runs like a athletic loony on his saucer every night and has even started responding to his name being called out when hes in his exercise ball – that last one may be a fluke but it is still significant to me 😛
No matter how much I try to evenly balance my ‘lovingness’ between my three beautiful pets, I feel Dexter is very much my special lil bubby. He is the one who snuggles into my chest or neck at night. It makes me feel loved back in a cheesy way. Eve and Casper are super cute and I love them very much too, just that extra special bond just hasn’t “formed” yet.
Am I so wrong?! Am I an evil pet-owner for even suggesting such a feeling?!?!

I will never announce to any of my furries where my favouritism stands – I am not that cruel.
But am I genuinely the only one who secretly has a favourite???
‘SECRETLY’ being the keyword here. This is my secret confession. I am blogging about it because I am being honest and want other opinions. I promise I wont tell any furries  if you do have favs 😉 I just want to know if I am a bad person for thinking this way.

I have created a poll, so you can all remain anonymous, please be really honest if you answer.
I wont be judging, I am just curious.

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15 thoughts on “Its not OK to have favourites… is it?

  1. We have too many pets to have favourites but some are favoured sometimes 😉

  2. Simple for me – Cupcake is my only pet!

  3. I Don’t think of it as having favorites. I do think we bond differently based on personality. Doesn’t mean we love them more.

    • That’s a very good way of looking at things 🙂 I think dexters personality makes him easier to bond with, because he has a more affectionate nature perhaps. I love all my hammys exactly the way they are 😛

  4. Chani @ pearls,lace and pancakes

    I have a favourite…Heston!! I have some fish too and I love them dearly but Heston, I’m afraid to say, wins hands down. He’s got so much personality and he brightens every single day.

    • Hahaha woohoo, go Heston!! 😀 I am going to put all the pictures in your email in a post because they are just too cute and funny to leave out of the blog! Hamsters will beat fish any day haha 😀

  5. I favor Ruma, also because she is more cuddly. She was the runt, she’s sooooo much smaller than Koko and well… she’s just darn cute. Butttt at the same time I am getting closer to Koko on a daily basis, so the scale might tip… Especially now that I am considering getting another 2 girls….oh my, should I?

    • Their personalities must shine through and thats going to make it easier to like one more than the other. I have to admit Casper is growing on me more recently. He is just such a dopey one 😀 Its hard not to hold him more and stuff 😛 Oooo are you getting more?! Thats so exciting!!! 😀

      • I shouldn’t, should I?

        • Will another 2 rats scents upset ruma and koko? There are things to consider, like space? your current ladies? time to give them attention? But hey, I knew I had enough when I got to three so who I am to say dont get more 😛 x

          • I feel bad if I get one more, because Koko and Ruma have been together for over 6 months together. Space is definitely NOT an issue as the ladies live in a cage that is roomy enough for up to 8 rats. I am able to give them attention everyday, free range almost every day, but since they have so much cage space, they aren’t lacking of room to move around. Especially not Ruma since she again is escaping on a daily basis….

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