New Month, New Direction?

Oh hello September. You have come around very quickly this year. I think blogging something everyday has something to do with that. You start to notice that it wasn’t just last week you posted that first picture of Dexter with his hanging star-seed-treat thing. It was a LONG time ago now.

Over the last couple of weeks you may have noticed I have spread my net a little bit when it comes down to what topic I am posting about. I am naturally sticking very closely to the theme of hamsters, after all they provide me with the inspiration to post everyday. But I have started to spread that theme into other topic areas.
Instagram: Am I Missing Something Here?‘, ‘Criticisms; do you feel better for saying that? and ‘Hamsters in the News’ are just three examples of where I have covered a bit more than just my three fur-bundles.

Why?? Because I want to stretch my legs a little. I sometimes get the urge to write about really unrelated events and think hmmm a new blog perhaps?? But no. Serial blogging is in my past. I am adapting my impulsive blogging ways to the next best thing.
Linking them to the hamsters somehow (usually easier said than done but I do love a challenge). This way I can keep one blog, my beloved Hamster Diaries, whilst posting about a wider variety of topics.

So its not a new direction as such. I am sticking with daily posts, lots of cute photos and pictures of Dexter, Eve and Casper, stories, reviews and FAQ’s. But now as well as all this I may post slightly random things, about social media or technology or current news just with a Hamster Diaries twist to it. 😀

Already whilst writing this out post out I have about 6 article ideas I am just dying to write up! 😀
Isnt it just the best feeling when you have so many ideas zooming round your head!? 

So anyway’s this is a bit of an inbetween-y post (with a picture of Caspers head stuck in a cardboard tube), letting you all know my plans and ideas. After tomorrows Sunday Riddle, you shall be reading some slightly different kind of stuff from me 😀

But don’t panic! Dexter, Eve and Casper aren’t going anywhere! Their mischief and tales will of course be posted about regularly! Just going to give you all a little more food for thought with your daily cute-hamster-fix ;D

I hope you enjoy! And Happy September everybody!

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6 thoughts on “New Month, New Direction?

  1. Looking forward to the hamster twist. Hope Casper got his head free?

  2. Whee had a minor panic there thinking whee might not get our fix of rather adorable hamsters! *deep breath*

    Whee are ok as long as hammy pigtures are still being provided! 😉

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  3. Look forward to seeing where you take the blog.

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