Instagram: Am I Missing Something Here?

Hands up if you have a smart phone?
Hands up if you have Facebook?!
Hands up if you have seen the wave of ‘Instagram’ photos on your social media pages??

Oooh I have, I have!!

Where am I going with this? Let me explain.

There is a photography app for smartphones. Its free and its called Instagram. It allows any ole tom, dick or harry to take a plain boring picture and turn it into a retro moody art-piece.

Still confused? Let me try and demonstrate.
Here is a picture of a plant on my windowsill. Such a cute and dainty little plant.

Now after the click of a few buttons, I can transform this boring unartistic into a masterpiece!
Doesn’t it look fancy!!

Okay so again, where am I going with this?!
Now I am a simply pleased girl at heart. I like my tea sugary and my jeans baggy. There’s not much to it.
But this app, it puzzles me. I just seem to be missing the point. By all means touching up your photographs gives them a refreshed feel but then why oh why does that mean taking old-fashioned photos of your daily Costa coffee have to be shared with your friends and family every morning on Facebook?? I don’t want to see your ‘Costa♥♥♥’ every day, let alone see your moody contrasted empty coffee mug with a fancy frame around it. Just no.

I sound bitter; I genuinely dont mean to. I just don’t seem to understand the fascination.

Now social media seems to have gotten mundane over the past few years. The ‘new shiny toy‘ effect is wearing thin and the ‘meme‘ generation is fast taking over which is making socialising over the web more and more illusive. Now it seems I can rarely log into my Facebook account without seeing an arty-farty picture of someone’s new cat.

I even, in vain I might add, tried to take a picture of my happy fur-ball in the true style of Instagram.
Now all I seemed to have achieved here is making my bed sheets seem rank and old. Not retro at all!
Okay, so I forgot the fancy-pants frame on my picture (totally not putting my all into this attempt but you get the idea).

So I may be fighting against the tide here. The application itself has gotten hundreds of millions of users and Facebook has recently signed a deal to integrate the app into the site. Pretty in demand stuff, I agree but just not my cup of sugary tea I am afraid.

I like my pictures vibrant and sharp not old and washed out.
I like some of the pictures take in Instagram’s style, like festival goers for example. They look quirky and suit the style but to take multiple images of your breakfast and then sharing with the world just bores me.

What do you guys think? Do you regularly use Instagram?? Have you never even heard of it?? What do you think of it? I want to know! 

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5 thoughts on “Instagram: Am I Missing Something Here?

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Why on earth do we want every picture to look square and retro? Haven’t worked it out yet and don’t think we will 😉

  2. Never even heard of it. Oh dear, what a non geek I am. Luckily, I’ve yet to be plagued by the pictures. I’ll let you know when I get sick of them.

  3. Whee love instagram. Mummy posts pigtures of us so all our furbuddies on there can coo over us! It attracted hoomans to our blog as well so it’s pretty good fun. Whee like seeing other pet pigtures too.

    Nibbles, Nutty & Buddy

    ps. Not sure if you’ve heard but Bingo crossed over the rainbow bridge yesterday. He is probably playing with our furry godchildren now 😦

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