Last Chance Saloon

I hope that’s the correct turn of phrase ‘last chance saloon’ …

What I meant was today/tonight is your last chance to enter the giveaway! I am giving away a whole selection of gifts and goodies to one lucky reader and today is the last chance to get your name down and into the special surprise draw! 😀

I feel like a broken record.
For that reason I shall try to say something new about it.

Urmm let me see.
Its all YOURS (if you enter and win of course).
There will be runners-up.
That last point was supposed to be a surprise but nevermind.
The keyrings are all shiny and awesome!
The notepads need have that fresh paper feeling and need to be written in! – neatly on that first page naturally… then your handwriting is allowed to deteriorate after that. Everyone’s does.
Then postcards have been hand finished by myself for an extra quirky and unique prize-winning finish! 😀
That poster is all curled up, nowhere to hang… noone to admire and swoon over it… It needs to be won!!

Have I tempted anyone yet?!?!

Tomorrow shall decide who wins, with a camera on the whole event to ensure a fair draw. Bet you’ll never have seen a prize won in this style before! ;D



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