Pet-Shaming: No Creature Is Safe!!

Have you seen the new craze sweeping the nation?!?!
Its called ‘Dogshaming’. Basically it is a blog for dog owners (looking straight at you here Cupcake;) ) to post pictures of their prize pooches with notes attached shaming their terrible terrible habits! πŸ˜€ Just type it into google to check it out, its guarenteed laughs!! To give you the brutal jist of things, here is the kind of thing that is posted:
Pretty funny right?! I mean its hard for pet-lovers NOT to laugh at this harsh reality combined with innocent faces!
Even the most innocent looking pets seem to haveΒ surprisingΒ secrets tucked up their fur!
Another favourite of mine has to be this one:
HAHAHA. I may be childish for laughing out loud at that one… but c’moooooon!! The cute doggie barks at his arse – is there anything more blissfully innocent in the world?!?! :’) Well okay, I could think of a few things but thats so not the point. Its pet-loving genius!! πŸ˜€ These paw-ly habits need to be publicly announced! And a wicked blogger is now running with it – TV coverage, tens of thousands of Facebook likes and god only knows how many submissions to the blog!! πŸ˜€
Here’s another one (my maturity levels shine through with this pic Im afraid…)
That one very nearly had me in tears with laughter! :’P Them deepest darkest secrets are surfacing – NO PET IS SAFE!! πŸ˜€

So what I have done here, as putting actual notes was nigh impossible with squirming hamsters, I have used my super talented paint skills to draw make-shift notes on photos of the hams πŸ˜€
That is right ladies and gentlemen, I AM SHAMING MY HAMSTERS!


Hahaha thats right Eve – your dribbley drooley days are out in the open now missus!! No more licking my phone or iPad – you have been shamed! πŸ˜€

(Yeah they arent as funny as the dog ones but Im getting to the point I swear ;D )


Ohhh Dexter you filthy filthy boy!
Too many times have you urinated in my bed and waltzed off like nothing has happened. You sir, have been outed in public – and yes I used the photo of your droopy sleep-face. That’s karma baby boy πŸ˜‰ Karma.

And I have saved the worst till last… oh Dex you will never be able to show your face around here again my boy πŸ˜‰ heheh…

20120824-233412.jpgEWWWWWWWW, dirty boy! πŸ˜€ And now the world knows… and I feel so much lighter! Dexter may take some time to stop blushing but he may have deserved this one (or two) …

And now it is your turn my furry friends!!!
Take a snap of your sweet innocent pets with their worst embaressment tagged in the pic (by paint or real) and email them to me – all the best shall be put in a post on Monday so send them in before then!! Cant wait to see them all and have a good ole laugh!! πŸ˜€


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13 thoughts on “Pet-Shaming: No Creature Is Safe!!

  1. Phew! I’m sosososo happeh that my mummeh is away on holiday at the mo and won’t be back in time to make a shaming photo of me before Monday! Yesssss!!!

    Piggeh kisses,

    • Hahaha ooooh you lucky escaper!! Haha I thought these were so funny… Was just unlucky dexter and eve don’t really do anything too embarrassing πŸ˜› xxx

      • Hehehehe! I have MASSES of embarressing stuff that mummeh would luvluvluv to shame me about. What a SHAME she couldn’t be here to do it…… xD

        Piggeh kisses,

  2. Shame on you, shaming your poor hammies. I think we should start a people shaming site! πŸ™‚

    • Oh booooo! πŸ˜‰ haha, dexter and eve shall forgive me. In time. Lots of time. Hahaha I even spared Casper from the shaming!! πŸ˜‰ have to admit , the doggie ones made me chuckle lots more than the hammys. These guys don’t do anything too bad πŸ˜› x

  3. Gulp. I’m SURE there is nothing shameful going on here. *cough cough* Eve and Dexter are the naughty ones…..

    Love and innocent licks,

    • Oh noooo nothing to see here Cupacke ;D Nope there definitely wont be a shameful snap of you in tomorrows post, nope definitely not. ;))) hehehe
      p.s. I may have told a porky-pie XD

  4. Ahem. Nope Mummy theres nothing to see here. Nah. Nope. Nada.

    Oh dear . . . . She saw it 😦

    Oh dear oh dear. Whee has been particularly naughty to day so Mummy will be harsh. *gulps!*

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    ps. Whee noticed you haven’t made an ‘About Casper’ section yet. Whee expect to see your shame-on-a-hooman pigture very soon . . . !

    • Ohhh I KNEWWWW i was missing something! And its Caspers about page! Oh you piggies, what would I do without you! πŸ˜€ I shall get on it right away!! Oooh I hope to see some embarrassing snaps of you four in my email soon πŸ˜‰ hahaha your hoomin shall have to be very sneaky ;D xxx

  5. I think that your blog is great and I look forward to more post. Thank you for liking mine!

  6. My hamster has locked his own pee before.

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