Squeak Up… I Can’t Hear You!

So since I got my little Casper last Thursday, I have only really showed him off in one post.
I am ashamed of myself. He deserves some more limelight.
So here it is.


I have to admit the reason behind such a lack of Casper-Coverage; myself and the bf have been a tad worried about little his behaviour as it has been different to all the other Syrian hamsters that I have previously owned.

Casper is a very shy hammy. He plods along very cautiously and hasnt really ‘set up home’ for himself.
Its hard to explain but he has split his bedding into 4 piles and made a bed in each corner. So he sleeps everywhere and anywhere that takes his fancy. He doesn’t seem to have designated places to pee (as far as I can tell) and his cage just looks untidy. I may sound like I am being picky but Syrians are very meticulous about where they pee and store food and sleep so its very unusual for Casper to be so “spread out”. Its unusual for any Syrian in honesty!

I am currently putting it down to the fact he is a newbie to his environment. He may still feel a bit disorientated or confused but I am just a bit concerned as I have never noticed such a struggle to adjust.

I am even braving the hamster-forum to see if anyone has similar issues for advice (yes I seriously am returning to that critical community – that is how concerned I am!)

I just want to be sure I haven’t missed something.
When I hold him, he is absolutely normal. He explores, plays and crawls around like any other happy hamster. Its just when hes back in his cage is where my worries stem from.

Apart from that, I have three very happy hamsters. 🙂
I am still working on some crafty bits that should be posted in the next few days so hope you’re all looking forward to that! 😀 I shall also update you if I get any (non-abusive) advice on Casper’s little predicament. Fingers-crossed he is just adjusting. Dexter has been his usually hyper self and Eve has been walking on the ceiling more than spiderman could ever dream of. She is such a special one 😛


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6 thoughts on “Squeak Up… I Can’t Hear You!

  1. Yikes! Good luck at the forum. I hope this visit is more civilized. Casper is beautiful! I wish I could lick his tiny head.

    Love and head licks,

    • It was definitely more civilised. I got given some welcome thoughts and suggestions and I shall pop them all in a post real soon:D hahaha you can lick his tiny head all you want, he’s not very tasty (don’t tell on me, but I tried) ;)) hahah xxxx

  2. Casper is gorgeous. Just a thought – Has he got a house to settle in?

    • He hasn’t actually however I found with dexter he flipped the lid off it at every opportunity so never tried with the Rest of the furries. It could definitely be worth a try though, thank you 😀

  3. You tell those hammy forum meanies that you have four piggies with big toofies who aren’t going to let anyone be nasty to yous. That will scare ’em!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • They were quaking in their paws!!! Haha, and it seemed to work because they were much nicer to me ;P got some good advice which after all is the point of a forum. Share knowledge and wisdom and all that. 😀

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