Writers Block.

I have found myself in a position I have never particularly found myself in before.
I have sat down with two super cute photos of one of the hamsters and placed my fingers over the keyboard, expecting – like usual – the words to just pour out.
Well it hasn’t happened quite like that. I got up to the hovering over the keyboard bit, but then no words poured out at all. Not even a dribble 😦

I have always managed to think of some kind of topic to cover or I’ve always had a story to share. But this morning, I sat down and nothing

This is that writers block thing. There is a huge GIGANTIC wall in my way of me and the blog. But its an invisible wall and I just don’t know how to get over it.

I have posts I am working on behind stage in the drafts bit, but none of them are finished let alone ready to be published. I like to have two or three ideas going at once so that if I wake up feeling under the weather I can fish out a back-up post and its ready to go – I don’t want to fudge up my post-a-day streak.
I am farrrr too OCD to let that happen.

So what is it about today?! I just can’t seem to find a theme/topic.

I could post about Eve getting her slim tummy back … but then again she may just be sucking in and that’s not really a post right there. Its not like I put her on a diet or anything so there is no post to be made there.

I could post about newbie Casper as he hasn’t really featured all that much since when I got him. Well, I have a post in the making about him just in need of the photos (I refuse to post without a photo). So I cant do that right away.

I could post about Dexter and his craaaaazy hyperness when I took out his flying saucer for five minutes because the unusually loud pitter-patter rhythm was driving me insane. But then he was so hyper I couldn’t take a picture as he wouldnt stay still and after 5 minutes I put back his saucer anyway as I felt guilty. Mind you I put it on at a better angle so I was silent and peaceful *thankful sigh*.

All these thoughts but nothing solid. I am sure once upon a time I could have cracked out three wicked articles with these threads of ideas but now I just see, could-be ideas 😦
Am I losing my blogging-know-how?? How does one get past ‘writers block’?? Has anyone else felt the same?? 
Any advice???


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11 thoughts on “Writers Block.

  1. I’ve been a writer since a very young age, and I struggle with the block often.

    The only way I know of to overcome it is: walk away. Stop thinking about writing and occupy yourself with something else. If you think about ‘the block’ you’ll only reinforce the idea in your brain that you’re stuck, and then it’ll be harder to break.

    If you distract yourself, before you know it you’ll be doing that familiar ‘writing in your head’, ready for posting thing.

    Good luck!xxx

    • Such wise words! I literally left my blog all day (and almost all of yesterday too to try and clear my mind) seemed to work seeing as the words just keep on coming now!! Xxx

  2. Hey, it’s early days to call it writer’s block yet. Call it a bad day and don’t build it up into anything or it could be self-fulfilling! We got our fix of hammy photos anyway 😉

  3. Do you see all those words up there? THAT’S WRITING! If you were blocked, there’d be a big empty space there. It’s a blog – not War and Peace. Somedays you’ll shake us up, and some days you’ll chit-chat. I don’t know about your other followers, but I’m fine with that. Everybody needs some chit-chat now and then.

    Love, but no licks,
    Cupcake’s Mom

    • :)) hahaha you’re right. I couldn’t bare to just see an empty post so I thought to myself “just write what’s in your brain. Doesn’t have to make much sense, you’re stuck!” haha

  4. Writers Block is a great topic to write about, as it’s so ironic that you don’t actually have it because you are writing.

    • Hahaha that is very true. It was almost scary for a bit, as a writer you must know, there being an invisible barrier getting in the way of writing. It was possibly the longest I’ve sat down and tried to write for. Probably why it appears so ‘stodgy’… My train of thought didn’t come very naturally. X

  5. Our Mummy is a cheat! There, whee admitted it! She finds a pigture, say of Buddy having a bath, then she googles ‘scrapbook titles about baths’ when she gets the title, words just flow.

    If she is having a really bad day then she does a pigtures with one line of explanation and claims it is a wordless wednesday, even if it’s Sunday.

    Or, sneakiness of all sneaks, she invents a pigture competition and gets the followers to do all the work for her for a few days. Then she gets a series of posts sorted, a fix of cute pigtures AND time to get over her writers block!

    Like the others have said, you haven’t got writers block because look at that . . . . It is writing whichever way you look at it (though it is rather more difficult to read if you look at it upside down!)

    Don’t worry whee all have ‘damn-I-can’t-not-do-a-daily-post-and-my-brain-is-not-connected days! 😉

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • Omg I have been let in on the piggie trade secrets! I am honoured!! ;D and scrap booking titles, I never even thought of that! I will definitely use that in the future when I’m stuck!! And between you four and me, I may have pinched your pig-ture competition thingy for today’s post. Haha it’s genius! Once that was in my head all sorts of other spin-off ideas got into my head! You four are so wise. 😀 xxxx

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