What to do if your hamster escapes!

DONT PANIC – I haven’t had an escapee, I was just asked the question πŸ˜‰

We have all been there! You look over at the hamster cage and see the lid wide open and no hammy inside, or you look over to the exercise ball and see the lid laying beside an empty ball.
It happens; hamsters are born escapees.

Catching your wild hamster is no easy task. It takes a LOT of time and patience.

Case Study
Many years ago, one of my sisters hamsters – Harry – lived in his barred cage on top of a chest of drawers. One night my mum and dad woke up to scurrying underneath their bed. Their first thought … rats! The lights went on and they investigated the rustling under their bed to see that Harry was happily exploring the world underneath the bed. When they checked Harry’s cage, the lid was wide open. So somehow Harry had managed to climb out of his cage, jump down about a meter high chest of drawers, crawl from my sisters bedroom across a landing and into my parents bedroom. Quite the adventurer!

How to catch your escapee

  1. First of all, establish which room/area your escaped hamster is in. Is it just a particular room or is there the possibility of your little furry being further out?
    Turn off all noisy appliances and really listen to each room individually. You are likely to hear scurrying, nibbling or rustling which will be a huge giveaway as to where your hamster is.
    Once you have worked out which room the fella is in, shut all the doors/windows etc so that you dont end up on a wild goose chase all over the house.
  2. Secondly, check anything that has wires – the back of a TV/internet box/anything with electrical wires that is on floor level really. Hamsters love to chew and bit and once a wire is bitten not only will you have to replace a cable, you may also have a deep-fried hamster (nope, that’s not a foreign delicacy).
    If you can see your hamster lurking by wires you can grab them or try to usher them into a different space just to take them away from potential danger!
  3. Next place a pile of your hamsters favourite treat close to where you think they are, but in a place that is easy to grab a sneaky hamster. The smell of treats or food will entice ANY curious hamster out of hiding so its just then a matter of time.
    If they don’t have a favourite treat then I would recommend sunflower seeds orΒ yogurtΒ drops. They smell tasty (to hamsters) and will be too tempting for them!
  4. It may even be worth placing their exercise ball, without the lid, alongside the treats as hamsters may very well climb right in and then you can pick up the ball as simple as that. Hamster caught!
  5. Eventually you just have to sit as still and as quiet as possible in the same place until your curious hamster appears. It may very well take AAAAAGES but any sudden movements/jerky actions/loud noises will spook them further into hiding. There is no use lunging as soon as your hamster pokes a whisker out of its hiding space because you will freak them out and they will not come out for even longer. If you are patient enough, they will emerge right out into the open to scoff some of them treats and at that moment you make your move.

There is no magical hamster-trap you can set down (there are non-killing mousetraps which can be used in this situations but personally anything with the word ‘killing’ in its name is going nowhere near my hamsters!)
Patience is the name of the game.

Hope this has helped! ^.^

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11 thoughts on “What to do if your hamster escapes!

  1. I thought I’d add – if this happens it might be wise to unplug all appliances as soon as you realise the hammy is missing. Less chance of frying then! Having said that, when I was little I had a lovely rabbit called Buttercup, and despite our puttibg pillows around everything dangerous, she still managed to chew through the Christmas tree lights and the playstation cable. Both appliances died, but Buttercup was unscathed. Superbunny! Xxx

    • Hahaha Buttercup the electricity eater haaha thats is very wise indeed! A friend of mine wasnt so lucky, her hamster managed to escape behind the fridgefreezer, nibbled through a cable, deep-fried himself and defrosted the entire fridgefreezer…. why do electrical appliances have to be so tasty!? πŸ˜› xx

  2. Well, I certainly hope you don’t have to go through all that. Great advice if anyone else does, though.

  3. Cable chewing is our worst fear with animals around the house. Good advice πŸ˜‰

  4. I have built a tried and true DIY hamster trap – When I was a teacher, our class hamster, Muffin escaped and was caught in this trap THREE TIMES. We took a metal wastebasket and filled it half full of his litter. Then we built steps out of dictionaries leading to the top of the wastebasket. We rubbed the ‘steps’ with a carrot and placed a few treats on alternating steps. Then we dropped the carrot into the litter and went home. In the morning, lo and behold, a peacefully sleeping hamster curled up in the wastebasket. It worked every time.

    • Omg that’s so clever!!! I saw something similar with a empty bottle balanced on the edge of a buckets with treats lurking in the bottom. Them sneaky hamsters aren’t that clever mwahahaha!! πŸ˜› awww such a sweet sight! People can definitely give it a go – I may add this into the post when I get the chance, is very good advice. πŸ™‚

  5. i lost my hamster once during blackout and never found it, he couldn’t go anywhere, he was surrounded by walls, so i guess it was a cat or a bird…

    • chaoticscribbles

      Oh nooo, what a shame!! 😦 They are very clever escape artists when given the opportunity, thanks for visiting my blog πŸ˜€

  6. I’m very scared. I have two guinea pigs that are in the living room who know how to ‘chew’ the cage-bars. My hamster (Chino) who is literally the same age as my guinea pigs just learnt how to ‘chew’ the cage-bars. And it’s 2:03am atm and if theres an escape, well… I’m scared. I’ve got bit TWO times by the little cheek and bled once because of him, with an after-course of FEVER, HEADACHES AND DROWSINESS. I’m wearing shorts for pj’s and if he bites me legs omg. He’s also on my desk and I’m scared if he’ll die because of the fall. Once again, I’m scared… He is an hoarder who doesn’t eat anything but honey-stix and hoards all of the museli, for if he escapes for museli, goddamn.

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