WORD: that-heart-warming-effect
PRONOUNCED: thaht-hahrt-wawr-ming-ih-fekt
MEANING:  the complete feeling of gladness and happiness a person experiences after a kind and loving action or event


So yesterday I posted about the simple joys of watching my three beautiful Syrian hamsters running amok in their exercise balls.

And, correctly, my lovely followers pointed out I was missing a video! I couldnt possibly rant and rave about how cute and funny it was to watch three hamsters run into each other in their exercise balls without a video to show it!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if a video is basically made up of millions of pictures (urrmm I think?) then this video is worth like a gabillion words?! No-one wants to READ a gabillion words but I know I would sure like to watch the equivalent!

So I took lots of film of the hamsters in their balls. YAY for exercise [and free-time]!

You will notice in the video I have used ‘The Rubbish Indoor/Outdoor Playpen’ (yeah that’s its official name…maybe…….should be) to barricade off a section of the room. That useless playpen comes in handy here because they cant climb over its ridiculously low walls when they are in a sealed sphere… mwahaha!
But anyway, I am only using it to make a small ‘playpen’ for the sake of this video. I couldn’t crawl around chasing each individual hamster as they would undoubtedly go in different directions at 100 miles per hour and I wouldn’t have had a video to end up with. I would have had sore knees though. 

So here after popular demand is the eagerly anticipated video of the hamsters enjoying their teasing taste of freedom! Take notice of the camera-hog (Dexter) who cant get enough of running toward me and my camera as well as at 0:25 Casper looks as if he has waited to start his careful steps on cue! “Annnnnd ACTION!” hehehe so cute – if you missed that bit, watch it again!! 😀
NOTE: Canada & Germany wont be able to view this video. Youtube copyright something-or-rathers.

Yes, the music is once again cheesy (sorry for not using Benny Hill here GoodGirlGlasgow but it didnt quite fit this video) I know the lyrics here are a bit mixed but its all about love and whats better than a video of my pets to a song about love and who can resist humming along to this song?! 😀

Plus I cant help but watch this and feel extremely happy. I have happy pets – nothing makes a pet-lover happier than happy pets! (Woah lots of ‘happys’ in one sentence there). It has ‘that-heart-warming-effect’ – I LOVE IT!

Have a super great day where ever you are and whatever you are doing!

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9 thoughts on “That-Heart-Warming-Effect

  1. Naaaaw!!! What a CUUTE video! Poppy and I couldn’t stop piggle-giggling when we were watching that! Little Casper doesn’t quite know what he’s doing at first! Naaaaaw!!! 😀 😀 😀
    Sooo CUTE!

    PIggeh kisses,

  2. This song deffo suits it better!x

  3. So adorable! Thanks for making me smile so early in the morning!

  4. After my bad experience with my mechanical hamster, I was too afraid to watch the video. Mom watched it, though, and laughed her head off. Apparently they are “adorable” and “ridiculous” and “cute, cute, cute”. Great job!

    Love and licks,

  5. Whee just realised something terrible. Whee has failed to say hello and welcome to Casper! Oh woe is whee. Whee are terrible furfriends. And after they made a wonderful video of cute funny adorableness! Can you ever forgives us?!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • Of course I can forgive you you busy bees, I have seen youve been busy with your wet-pet-competition, dont think anything of it wee piggies. Casper hasnt noticed anyway (been way too busy setting up camp just how he likes it… we have a diva over here!!) xxx

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