On Your Marks, Get Set, ROLL!

I may have discovered the cutest experience you can ever have whilst owning multiple hamsters.
Putting them all in their exercise balls and watching them taste freedom!

You may think I am mad for stating this but it is such a surreal thing watching my three hamsters all in their exercise balls running around like headless chickens on a bumper-car ride! They would zoom past each other and knock into each other (gently I might add) and zoom around some more – it looked wild! 😀 I didn’t know where to look!

So which hamster is in which ball?

Eve is in the completely purple ball. I figured that her scent would be in there and I didnt want to rile the boys up if they caught that scent! Plus she has a very enthusiastic approach to exercise balls. She will hurtle head on into stationery objects hence I need the comfort of the tape to hold her in tight! I just know if any of them were to escape, it would be Eve!

Dexter is in the green ball. I love the design of these new exercise balls. They look so smart and I already have amazing ideas to personalise them!
Plus the lids on these new balls are super stiff which is ideal really as it would sooner break round the middle than let the lid come off which again is reassuring when they are becoming mere blurs at the speed they run at.

I like to think that the clear plastic used to make these balls makes it easier for the hamsters to see what they are about to head into. It hasn’t seemed to make a noticeable difference yet, Dexter still manages to run into solid objects… maybe I should think about replacing Eves exercise ball with a clear one all the same? Hmmm…

And last but not least, Casper was pulling off the pale-pink exercise ball like a boss.
He looks so snowy and pure in this exercise ball. He looks delicate to be blunt. I think the pastel colours and his tentative attitude may be a reasonable explanation to that thought but even so its weird how the colours can change a perspective. Or perhaps I am reading too much into it! Yeah its probably the second.

I could tell Casper had never been in an exercise ball before. He really didn’t know what to do – I suppose its not a very natural instinct to walk up a wall to move about is it? He sat for a bit and tried to chew the impenetrable door catch before realising his room was unstable and it could roll?!
Holy cow, it can roll!!!
And as soon as he discovered that beauty he was off on a crazy adventure around the lounge floor!! Well almost, he sat back down after 2 minutes and had another nibble. He will get more acquainted to his exercise regime I am sure of it.

In the next few days I will be sure to post about the personalisation of the exercise balls (for Dexter and Casper anyway – will look into upgrading Eve’s ball over time when money is no object).

What do all of my furry friends get up to for exercise these days???

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20 thoughts on “On Your Marks, Get Set, ROLL!

  1. What lovely things for them to play in!

  2. We used to have the purple ball for Heston; now we have the clear-and-green one. I think it helps him see because he doesn’t crash into things as much now, and slows down when he comes up to objects. I don’t think it’s quite as easy for him to control though. Sometimes it spins when he’s trying to go one way and he has to wait for it to stop. It’s quite funny. Heston is currently snoozing in my arms! Lucky I only need one hand for my phone! Xxx

  3. Awww!!! Casper, poor thing, it’s so confuzzling when your new to all this isn’t it!!! xD It’s soooo cuute how he just sat there and tried to eat his way out. But Casper, one thing, eating your way out never works! Trust me, I’ve tried!

    Piggy kisses,

    • You tried?! Aww man, freedom is so illusive haha 😛 Get the feeling even if this bunch escaped they’d be back pretty soon because they get spoilt rotten! “What do you mean theres no yoghurt treats and cuddles in the wild?!” 😀 I am working on a little video of the three playing in their balls and Casper is like a giraffe on ice carefully placing each foot in fron of the other to get the ball rolling :’) So sweet! xxx

  4. We need to see a video of these hamster ball antics! It looks like a blast. When my mechanical hamster rolls around in his ball, I get a lot of exercise running away or jumping on the ball when I feel brave enough. I’m pretty sure the rolling buzzing ball is trying to kill me.

    Love and licks,

    • I am working on one as we speak Cupcake! In need of music suggestions for the vid though – so if you have any ideas bark! 😀
      Hahahah them mechanical hamsters will one day rise up like a furry terminator and rule the world…. or be forever trapped in their balls, one of the two ;)) These three are much friendlier than robots I promise : D

  5. Those are so cute – maybe I need a hamster, just so I can get the toys.

    • Then you’d have to change the name of your blog ‘Long Life Cats and Dogs and HAMSTERS!!!’ hahaha, so many toys such little time! 😀

  6. So cute! Looks like they’re having a blast! 🙂

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  8. Love when they do that, so funny! Thought you might like to see my ball chaos video, taken several years ago it never fails to make me laugh even now 🙂

    • Hahaha that’s brilliant! They look like they’re having a wild time!!! 😛 and I love the blue exercise ball you have, it seems there’s only green purple and pink near me 😀 such happy hamsters!! Wonderful to see 😀

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