Prize Give-away Update

If you haven’t entered the give-away yet – WHY NOT!?! 
You cant miss the post, its been permanently at the top of this page for the last few days!
Its dead simple to enter too!

All you gotta do is follow Hamster Diaries and comment why you’d like to win! Easy-peasy right! But not on this post – on the 100th post. Comment on that post and you are in the draw!

So what is this ole post for? Well I just wanted to show you the prize bundle up for grabs here. Wet your appetite so to speak! I will transfer these pictures onto the proper post as soon as I get a moment.
So this is the prize! You may notice it is Dexter themed – the reason for that is that the photos of Eve weren’t high enough quality enough to be printed effectively and Casper wasnt about when I was placing my order so you can be stuck with Dex 😉

So above you can see the poster of Dexter, a choice of 2 keyrings, a choice of 2 notebooks and an awesome jute shopping bag too.
The only thing missing is the selection of postcards which are currently on their way to me in the post!

Here is your choice of notebook!
The first is of Dexter in his ball and featured in one of the first posts I ever did for this blog. It is also a personal favourite.
The second is THE first photo of Dexter I took. He looks super adorable and I couldn’t think of a better cover for a notebook!

The covers both have a glossy finish and look truly glamorous! If you are the lucky winner then you get to chose which book you receive … tough choice right?!

There is also a choice of keyring too! Even the small stuff needs a decision made!

These are another 2 of my favourite Dexter photos! You have him in the classic iconic hamster pose for the left keyring and he is munching his seeds in the right one!

Both are SUPER-DUPER adorable and would look LUSH on any set of keys! 😀
Like the notebooks, the winner gets to chose which design they would like! Another tricky choice!

And for the jute shopping bag, it looks ace! Its small so perfect for if you nip to the shops and cute too!
Now the picture on the bag has been cropped slightly in the manufacturing process and the ‘h’ from ‘hamsterdiaries’ has been chopped off… so it says ‘amsterdiaries’… now of followers of the blog, I wish whoever wins to correct anyone who asks. 😉 A conversation starter – even if it is for the wrong reasons 😉 Seeing Dexter poke his head out of his pink ball is cute enough to distract even the worst grammar-cop 😛

The poster is pretty big too and the quality is brill so will really rock any wall its put on! Dexter looks adorable as ever, and will brighten up anyones day!
Was SOOOO tempted to keep this back for myself, but alas I am sharing Dexter’s cuteness. I have the real thing so someone can have the beautiful poster! 😀

As well as alllllllll of this, there will be a selection of hammy postcards too! I cant say fairer than that!

So just another reminder if you want to get all of these goodies FREE, all you have to do is follow the blog and comment on my 100th post saying why you’d like to win this stuff!
Closing date is speeding closer so make sure you get in there!

Thank youuu!

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3 thoughts on “Prize Give-away Update

  1. The prizes are awesome and so cute. I haven’t entered because it would cost you more to ship my prize than the items themselves. Watching with anticipation to see who does win though.

  2. We’re not entering either, but the prizes are super AWESOME!!!
    Whoever wins them will be verreh luckeh!


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