Meet Casper

You know that empty cage I had laying around after the baby tragedy? You know I said I was going to get one last hamster to fill it as a tribute?
Wellllllllll, I am ecstatic to introduce the newest member of the family to all my wonderful readers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Casper.

He is approximately 8 weeks old and pure white! There is not a fleck of another colour on his body – he is pure snow!
He needs to be the new face of some kind of toilet paper I swear he is so unbelievably soft too!

Now I know I said about getting a rescue hamster or an abandoned ham of some kind well after a week of searching high and low everywhere within a 20 mile radius of my home, I was still coming up with nothing and I was beginning to get impatient – a character flaw I apologise. So I made a few phone calls to the local pet stores to see if they had any syrians for adoption or any that just weren’t selling.
On my third phone call, a Pets at Home, not my local one, had a little boy hamster they were keeping out back for some reason. They said if I wanted to go and have a look at him, I was welcome to. So off I went and eventually ended up at the store.

They brought him out from the depths of the ‘out back’ and I squealed so loud in the shop assistants face, I startled both the hamster and the poor guy holding him! This hamster was BEAUTIFUL!
From that millisecond on, I knew my little hamster family was complete. Casper was mine.

And here we are! I dont regret my decision, Casper is a stunning hamster and has already been made to feel at home with me instead of in a box out the back of a pet store!!

I am quiet happy now with my lil brood. No more hamsters for the time being, I have my hands full now! And noone needs to worry that having three means they wont get much attention. I can assure you, I annoy these hamsters with how much I play with them! They each must get well over an hour a day of play time! (I hold them and multitask or just let them run about on my bed or in their ball – its a perfect balance)

I can proudly admit crazy cat ladies have nothing on me. My wee collection of hamsters has grown VERY quickly. I know I wont be getting any more anytime soon, I have no room for them :P, but thats no the point. I am very much in LOVE with my furry babies! They are so cute and playful and I wouldn’t want to go without them!

Why do hamsters have such addictive little personalities?!

So what do you guys think of Casper?
Do you like his white fur coat?

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16 thoughts on “Meet Casper

  1. Welcome home, Casper! He’s SO cute. Congratulations and best of luck with him.

  2. Well, hello Casper and welcome to blogland! He’s a v handsome chap 😀

  3. Casper is hamster heaven. Enjoy your new little bundle of fluff. Gorgeous.

  4. Oh my, Casper is just gorgeous!!! I’m not sure he’ll approve of your immediately referring to him in the same sentence as “toilet paper” but I guess we’ll just have to see.

    • Hahhaha, I wondered if anyone would pick up on that :’D hahah, hes just so soft and squidgy! lol, he needs to be the face of something soft… the best I could think of in the moment was loo roll haha, x

  5. Awwwwww! Yay! Hamster celebration time. Did you know that you can make hamster cakes by taking a slice of banana and pressing seeds/food into it? I do this for Heston sometimes and it looks like a little birthday cake!

    Casper is beautiful. Any ideas why they were keeping him out back? xx

    • :O O.M.G. I did not know thins, how have I not known this?!? Thats a brrrrrrrrrrrrrilliant idea! Especially for Eve, she lurrrrves banana! 😀 Awww when is Hestons birthday? Can plan a celebratory post for him 😀
      I have no idea, there was an empty display cage out front as well i am sure so its very peculiar. He even got brought out in a grubby box so would have taken him no matter what just to make sure he got a nice cage to be in 😛 xxx

      • Well then you definitely did the right thing by rescuing him. Poor thing, but happy now!

        Heston’s birthday was 13th July. I worked it out as that date because he was about 8 weeks when we got him, so I just counted back 8 weeks and called that his birthday. So he’s 13 months old now! And super cheeky!xxx

        • Hes a very happy hammy now, managed to pretty much tame him within 24 hours which is a new record for me haha! He still jumps a little at loud noise but hes just so friendly its remarkable ! 😀 Awww Heston is sucha big boy now! 😀 Hahaha with age will come the cheekiness, he knows what he can get away with lolol 🙂 xxx

  6. Awwww! Capser is gorgeous! Congratulations!!!!

    Piggy kisses,

  7. Oh my gosh, he is beautiful!! ❤ Just seeing him is making me want a hamster even more!! Congratulations! 🙂

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