“That’s MY peanut.”

Turns out Eve loves shelled peanuts too.

So much so that she bared her teeth to me when I tried to take it away from her (playfully I might add). She put up a little fight for that peanut and wrestled it off of me 😛

Even managed to get a piccy of her; mouth-opened and gunning for that peanut.
Thats MYYYY peanut woman!

They were quite noisy during that evening too.
Bit more nibbling.

Shelled peanuts are not the quietest treat.

In other Hamster Diary news; tomorrow is a VERY special day.
It will be the 100th post of the blog. WOOHOO!
In celebration of this milestone, I have a wicked post lined up! I have hinted about what it could be the last few days but you will have to wait till tomorrow to see what I have planned for all you readers 😀

Make sure youre following so you dont miss out! 😀


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6 thoughts on ““That’s MY peanut.”

  1. Oh peanuts, I can hardly wait for tomorrow now.

  2. Eve has good taste for things that taste good! I found a peanut at the park once. Mom said, “Leave it.” and “Don’t eat things from the ground.” Ugh! She doesn’t know that ground food is the most delicious kind!

    Love and 99 licks,

    • Hahaha, you just gotta lick stuff up when noones looking! Dex and Eve sometimes try to munch things they find when crawling about but theyre not very subtle. they sit up and their jaw wobbles about so I know straight away if theyve naughtily munched something! I give them the stern face -.- xxx

  3. What a great photo of Eve as killer hamster! 100 posts eh – bring it on 😀

    • Hahaha she does look somewhat threatening doesnt she! 😛 She is much friendly since the babies left her has to be said. She wouldnt hurt a fly now :’) Yep one crazy milestone tomorrow, very excited about it 😀 xxx

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