The Sunday Riddle #9

Well I seemed to have stumped you guys with this one 😀 So last weeks riddle was as follows:

You have an empty piggy-bank. Its a perfectly spherical piggy bank with a diameter of 10cm. Assuming a 1pence coin is exactly 1cm in diameter, how many 1penny coins can you fit in this empty piggy bank?

You can fit one 1penny in an empty piggy bank, coz once theres a penny in it, its not empty anymore!!! 😛 Bad dum tss!

Okay so this week I have got another good one 🙂  Oh and if you haven’t already noticed the riddles arent hamster related anymore. It got very tricky to find/alter without loosing the riddle themselves so I have just used the original riddles.Here it is:

I am the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space. I am essential to creation, and I surround every place. What am I?

Hmmmmmm,  innnnnnnteresting!
So I have been accidently focusing on Dextaroo the last few posts. Its not due to neglect on Eves part, she just doesnt sit still for photos unlike Dex.

Treats aren’t for ‘anytime’.
They have to be earnt.

Dexter had a mini freak out when I tried to pick him up. I think I made him jump and then he had a panic because admittedly, I had stroked a kittycat a while before hand and I may have smelt of kittycat. Anyways, as an apology I gave him a shelled peanut.

Dexter. Went. Mad.

He stuffed the whole shell into his cheek, which didn’t fit and stuck out of his mouth, spat it out and then ran into  his corner with it, where VERY loud nibbling could be heard 😛 Someone enjoyed their treat!

So for hammy-owners out there if you havent tried giving your ham a shelled peanut, get yourslef to the shops right away! Make sure they are unsalted/unflavoured variations (not even sure if its possible but I saw some crazy flavoured salted peanuts on their own whilst browing the nut isle. Hah, nut isle *giggles*)

Not sure if Eve enjoys her peanuts yet, she hasnt gotten out of bed for them yet. We shall see! 😛


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5 thoughts on “The Sunday Riddle #9

  1. This answer is the END OF ME. Get it? I GET IT! I win. YAY!

    Love and happy bacon-free licks,
    Cupcake (end of me)

  2. I know what you are! An E!!!! And I like peanut butter, so Dex and I have something in common!

  3. Oooh! I know the answer! You’re the letter ‘E’!
    Tell me if I got it right!


  4. The letter E!

  5. Poppy

    Hmmm… OH! I’ve got it! Are you the Letter E… ?

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