Just an Idea

Sorry for the repeat of an old photograph here, I am struggling to find the right amount of time to post something proper. I dont want to let down my daily postings streak so I will think of something whilst babbling. COOL! 

So reading a fellow bloggers blog, I go an idea.

Who likes the sound of a prize giveaway??

I mean it wouldnt be anything HUGE, I’ll post further about it if its something you guys think would be cool??
Just some feedback on whether its something readers would be interested in. The prize would be hamsterish mayb. Im not sure.

Its just an idea.

Comment below to let me know what you think? Yes? No? Maybe? Depends?
What are your thoughts??


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5 thoughts on “Just an Idea

  1. Everyone seems too like prizes. I’d say go for it.

  2. I think its a great idea, and it can get you some new followers! I’ve ended up with 10 more since I started my giveaway!

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