Fabulous Furs-days

Dexter has been a little madam today.
Not quite as fabulous as he’s been previously.
But I couldnt think of a witty pun as my post title.
So fabulous Furs-day it is.

As you can tell from his stubborn face, he’s been misbehaving today.

How? I hear you ask.
Firstly he peed on me. A very smelly wee that I wouldnt vanish. Grrrr…

To add to this he was hyper from the word go. No cuddly, groggy hamster to snuggle up to oh no.
A full of energy hamster who felt the need to run to the end of the bed as quick as he can was in order. And that couldnt have been more annoying.

Despite all of this, he still manages to pout moodily for the camera.

Hes a very preeeeeetty hamster. If I do say so myself.
Biiiiiig black eyes… winner!


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7 thoughts on “Fabulous Furs-days

  1. Dexter, you have an intelligent face. I think you know EXACTLY what you’re doing.

    Love and licks,

  2. Yes. Very pretty and he knows it!

  3. I wanted to let you know that I have dedicated a post to you and your lost little babies. You have been so strong and brave, and it is so so sad that none of your beautiful babies made it. I wanted to help somehow, and decided to make a hamster to represent all of your lost babies. Hope your doing okay, and here is the link:

    Haha I love Dexter’s face above! He looks so grumpy today! 🙂

    • I have checked out the post and your blog, I am so touched. Its an amazing crochet hamster! Looks a wee it like Dexter – sure he’ll be proud 😀 Again, thank you. Your words are so comforting and wont be forgotten any time soon ❤ xxxx

      • I was thinking he looked like Dexter as I was making him! Hehe! Your very welcome, I really hope your managing to be a little bit happy and that Dexter and Eve are helping to make you smile ❤ xxx

  4. Couldn’t possibly stay cross with that face!

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