Post-Mumma Body

Eve always looks blurry in photographs.

She doesn’t like her picture being taken and so shuffles about so I can only ever really capture a fuzzy blob.
I try to demand her stillness while rambling on about how “I need to show my readers how well you look missus!” but shes a little madam at times and so does not listen. Shes way too proud to sit still!
Think shes secretly trying to up the worth of her photos because you can only get a nice one once in a blue moon!
*sneaky hamster*

This is the best I got.

She wriggled about on my hand, not willing to show off her beauty post-baby body, and instead burrowed herself into my wrist.

You cant really tell very well from this picture but she is still actually carrying a lot of weight (Im not saying fat, Eve is not fat shes just curvy) which is natural for all mummys, human and hammy!

She feels about twice the size of Dexter, to put it in perspective for you.

STILL, she looks b-e-a-utiful. ❤



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4 thoughts on “Post-Mumma Body

  1. That’s a pretty decent photo, considering how she plays up when you try to take them. Poor girl – hope she’s feeling ok.

  2. Eve looks bootiful as always . . . Sort of . . . Voluptuous! Being so photogenic her and Dex might like to enter the photo competition on our blog.


  3. Eve does look beautiful. Will she lose the baby weight? Or always stay voluptuous? (just wondering – I had puppies when I was little and living in the shelter, but now I am back to my sleek self).

    Love and licks,

    • I may have to put her on a strict muesli and exercise ball diet, to help her shift her hips maybe but over time she should shrink back to pre-bubba size 🙂 Ohh cupcake you slender so and so, share your slimming secrets with Eve! 😀 xxx

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