One Truly Heartbroken Blogger

I wish I didn’t have to post this but by the title of this post you may guess what has happen.

My poor baby Monty passed away yesterday afternoon.
Suddenly, unexpectedly and tragically.
We are not sure what happened exactly, he didnt show the classic signs of live failure that his brothers and sisters shared however something had gone wrong in his belly by the shape.

I genuinely am heartbroken.
The last week have been so tough – waking up hourly for feeds and hot water bottle changes – and the love I felt for the babies, Ralph Jeeves and Monty in particular, was overwhelming.

I was gutted when Ralph went but I saw it coming.
I was gutted when Jeeves went but saw it coming.
I didn’t see Monty going. πŸ˜₯

I feel like I have failed my readers, myself, Dexter and Eve.
Im so sorry 😦

I tried my hardest. Even when the odds were stacked against me, I kept going! I fed and cuddled and fed some more for the last 7days and nights and I am absolutely devastated that I have lost all of my beautiful babies. πŸ˜₯
I cried for many hours last night. Perhaps more due to disbelief of losing Monty who looked so strong. But also because out of 13 pups I couldnt even save one!

Deflated is the word I want. I am deflated and I am heartbroken.



Baby Boo
5 days old.
The runt of the litter, didnt even get to really meet Boo being tucked up in the nest all this time!

Bubble & Squeak
6 days old.
Found both of them in the nest on Wednesday morning cuddled together and cold.

6 days old.
The baby who disappeared. I dont want to speculate what happened to Ghost but he vanished into thin air. Sad times 😦

7 days old.
Finding more babies every day was getting fustrating. His swollen belly was a give away of problems.

Tom & Jerry
8 days old.
Found these two of that Friday morning with swollen tummies, a visit to the vet was in order.

Dumbo, Albie & Monster
8 days old.
Put down by the vet to avoid suffering as liver problems looked inevitable in these 3 pups.

9 days old.
He was much smaller than the other healthy babies and passed away in my hand Saturday evening.

13 days old.
Passed away in the night, that pesky liver failure strikes again.

15 days old.
The ultimate heartbreaker. πŸ˜₯

Again I am sorry for letting everyone down. Nature didnt play fairly and these babies were just not meant to be. I dont really know what else to say really. I put my absolute all into raising the three surviving pups and my all just wasn’t good enough.



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22 thoughts on “One Truly Heartbroken Blogger

  1. So sad for the babies and for Eve and especially for you. After all the caring and loving and all the work, even just having Monty would’ve made some light at the end of it all. You certainly went above and beyond what most are capable of. RIP, babies. And just REST, Momma. You did ALL that needed doing. Sometimes the greater plan trumps all.

    • You’re so right. The hope that Monty would make it was keeping me going! I’m still so gutted, I dont quite know what to do with myself ;{ Thank you for all your wonderful words recently. ❀ Means a lot to me ❀ xx

  2. Oh that’s so sad, I’m sorry to hear it. You didn’t fail us, I don’t think anyone else could have put so much effort into it! You certainly tried your best. But I guess they were all sick from the beginning, nothing you could do about it…

  3. So very sorry indeed. You have nothing to reproach yourself for whatsoever. You did everything you could – as you say, it wasn’t’t meant to be. Incredibly unlucky. Go out and spoil yourself doing something that doesn’t involve hourly vigils and try to take your mind of things for a while.

    • Its weird because when i went out and bourght the orchid in memory of baby boo, the first bub to leave us, the next day we noticed there were 13 buds on the orchid plant itself. My boyfriend said it was an unlucky omen and he was right inthe end :/ x

  4. Here’s the thing. You’ve let nobody down. In fact, by documenting what you’ve done every day, you’ve helped others who might find themselves having to raise babies too.

    Remember – they had liver defects. Probably Monty too if the rest did. And remember, even the vet couldn’t save them, so it’s definitely not your fault. I think that the best way to look at it is this: nobody could fix the liver deficiency, but you made sure they were looked after and comfortable until the end.

    You’ve made it very clear from your posts how much you care about animals and how much love you have to give them. Don’t forget there’s two other hamsters who will love you’re attention.

    I have another thought. If you bought an extra cage, why not get a rescue hamster? There are thousands of little hammys out there that don’t get any love like yours do. Pets at Home have a rescue section usually and the RSPCA are overrun with small animals. And then there’s gumtree, which depresses me every time I look because there’s so many unwanted animals. Just a thought as it might help you move on.

    All the best to you, Dexter and Eve xxx

    • Aww thank you, this is a really touching few words ❀ Exactly, we both tried our hardest and we did everything by the book but there are some things beyond our control unfortunately. True, if any other person researches raising babys then I feel I had said enough to help out πŸ™‚ I suppose thats a positive to take away from this.
      Its funny you should say that because I looked on gumtree for hamsters in my local area and the closest seller is a 2 hour drive away :/ I looked on my local shelter and they too had no hamsters, only mice, which was very confusing. I will keep looking, its not over yet.. πŸ™‚ xxx

      • How strange! There’s so many on Glasgow gumtree! Still, its not a bad thing if there’s less abandoned animals in your area. And I’m sure you’ll find a hammy soon which will be lovely. Loved the pic of Dexter in today’s post btw. I always think that Heston looks a bit like one of those flying squirrels when he has his pouches stuffed!

  5. Efurryone knows just how hard you fought for those bootiful furbabies. No one can blame you for what nature has cruely done. Whee did a little post for the bubby hammies to say how whee feel the loss.

    Please do not beat yourself up. Maybe, like someone else has suggested you could get a little rescue hamny and offer your spare cage as a retirement or second chance home? Whee think that would be a good way to honor the bubbies memory.

    If you ever need to talk our email is on our contact us page.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

    • Your wonderful post brought a tear to my eye! I cant express how kind and supportive you guys and your hoomin have been through all this. I feel all the readers and bloggers are a fitting tribute to the lost babies and their memories shall live on. ❀ As I mentioned in another comment, I am on the look out for abandoned/homeless hamsters locally as I believe it will be a wonderful way to honour their lives, but as of yet nothing is concrete. Much lovin' xxxx

  6. I am so sorry to hear about the babies. You must feel awfully sad. πŸ™‚

  7. I am so sorry for your loss. I feel upset and so know you must be devastated. I know you did your very best, you do not have to feel you let anyone down, because you haven’t. You have a huge heart and gave them lots of love, care and attention. You did well trying to save them and I don’t think there is anything more you could have done. Huge hugs from me, wheeks and nose nudges from Snuggles, Peaches, Cinnamon and Daisy. xxxxx

    • Aww thank you for such an inspiring comment, I did try. I tried so very very hard which is why I think this loss has been so tough. Its not every day you wake up 8 times through the night to feed a helpless baby hamster :’) Many thanks for stopping by my little blog too, the support Ive had has been overwhelming and lovely, I really dont think Id be so positive without it πŸ™‚ xxxx

      • Thanks for your lovely reply and liking my posts. I can imagine how hard it must be for you having to get up to feed your babies and the loss you feel at no longer being able to do that. As animals reply on their owners so much for everything and anything at the best of times, it is difficult when anything happens to them and at such a young age, you must feel extremely sad. But know this, they went over the rainbow bridge having being cared for by you, someone who truly loved them, who was there to comfort their pain and who did everything they could to give them the best chance possible of living. If it weren’t for you, they would not have had the time they did. You are special and don’t forget it and you did a wonderful thing for them.xxxx

  8. How sad. I am soo scared to get any more pets because they are my family. Still have no pets again after rescued Akita passes last year. At one time when my kids were young we had a menagerie. One dog, a rabbit, a guinea pig, fish and someone gave me youngs snakes to take care of that all ended up dying on me as well. Pets are hard!

    • They are so tough, I am already dreading the time in 2 or 3 years when my current 2 hamsters will pass away as they are members of my family. Its horrible to consider so just enjoying each day knowing there are still plenty more to come! :))) The memories we treasure from pets dont go away yet neither does the sadness of losing them in the first place. 😦

  9. So sorry for you :((

  10. This is so heartbreaking. I really feel for you. My thoughts are with you during this terrible time. God be with you.

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