No More Jeeves

Just as things were looking up, Jeeves’ belly has finally given up on the little guy.
It was always looming over us as owners and this blog as a whole after the signs of liver failure were very prominent in him a few days ago. As there is no treatment for this kind of illness in baby hamsters, the only thing we could do for him was to feed him, water him and keep him as comfortable as possible till the time came for him to let go.

Poor baby 😦

Jeeves is on the right in this picture having a snooze with his big brother.

I unfortunately dont have any photos of Jeeves on his own, only with his brother Monty – but you can tell which one is him by his white speckled coat (defos from his mummys genes)

Jeeves put up a mighty fight for life.
He held on right till the end.

R.I.P Jeeves.


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6 thoughts on “No More Jeeves

  1. That is so sad. My heart goes out to you.

  2. So sad. 😦 Hang in there, Monty!

  3. So sorry about Jeeves. He looked to be doing well. Go for it Monty.

  4. Dear Jeeves,

    Whee are your furry godparents. You’ve never met us and now never will. Even when you were a tiny wriggling pink thing that resembled a shrimp, whee knew whee would always love you. Nibbles had a brother, called Nugget, who now lives over the rainbow bridge where you are going.

    Whee asked him if he would look after all of your siblings who passed and now whee ask him to do the same with you.

    Nugget will look after all of you. You will run free and be happy. Don’t worry about Monty. Whee are going to look after him and teach him all whee know.

    Whee will never forget you Jeeves. Just be happy, be free and hurt no more.

    Your Heartbroken
    Uncle Nibbles, Uncle Nutty, Uncle Bingo and Uncle Buddy

  5. Aww how sad 😦 At least he is at peace now. How is Monty doing? I really hope your last little baby comes through all this! *hugs*

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