24 hours caring for baby hamsters

So I thought I would keep a moment-by-moment diary of a somewhat “normal” day in the life of me at the moment.
If you don’t know by now I am hand-rearing two baby hamsters. It has become a 24 hour task and just to give you an insight into my day I have written down what I did and when I did it relating to the hamsters.
I started at 3:22pm on Monday the 30th July. I know I am posting this much later but I needed time to post a few other things first.

Fed both babies with 2 drops of milk each, they put up a bit of a fight. Was discouraging to say the least.

My sister holds the babies while I have a chill out. A much needed chill-out I might add.

Hear my sister screaming that Monty pooed on Jeeves’ head. Couldn’t help but laugh.

Milk feed done. Much happier this time. Jeeves is looking a bit sluggish.

Babies put back to bed. Z z z z z

Had a hold and a play. Going to dice some juicy carrot for them to munch. Nom nom nom

Monty goes for an explore of the cage. He’s walking very well for a 11day old hamster, not quite a natural yet but getting there!

Milk feed done for both of them. Full bellies me thinks 😀

Trying to figure out how to combine my social life with hamster feeds. Its a mates birthday and a trip to the pub is in order. Hmmm, maybe I can have the best of both worlds??

Let the babies have a wonder about. Where does Monty choose to sleep?? On the mousey bit of my boyfriends laptop of course!

Monty gets a milk feed, yummy yummy! Jeeves is looking worse for wear 😦 His tummy is so bloated, I dont think he is going to last the night 😥

Have a peek in the cage, MONTY IS MISSING! PANIC STATIONS!!

Lifted a piece of kitchen roll and there he is having a whale of a time underneath it. I nearly had a heart-attack boy!!!

More carrot anyone? ‘Monty’ and ‘Jeeves’ like this.

Jeeves had a poo and wee. Still doesnt look any smaller, his tummy seems to be blowing up like a balloon! I feel so helpless 😦

Big milk feed for both babies. Yummy yummy in my tummy! It gets old quick the hand feeding thing, i gettit.

A little hold, a milk feed and a chunk of carrot each – my oh my what greedy piggies we have here! Better let that settle for a bit!

Milk feed once again. If its possible, Jeeves’ belly looks even bigger. Can hamsters pop? Seriously can they??

A little run about on my lap and we have some happy babies! Little milk feed was done, best to fill their belly’s before tonight.

Ill have a cozy cuddle whilst watching a pants film on tellybox. Sounds about right. Do them a new hot water bottle to last them as long as possible into the night…

Big ol’ squawk from the nest wakes me up, Monty was having a nightmare. Panic over.

Realise the time – time for yet another milk feed.

Urghhh too early!! Milk feed time – I dont have the patience to feed them carrot chunks at this time in the morning.

Struggling to get back to sleep. Damn I’m tired.

Wake up to see my iPad’s nighlight is about to die. 5% battery DISMISS!!! Suddenly notice Monty was having a casually stroll around the cage! Good boy! Milk feed done – just one drop each this time.

Not sure whether I just fed them or am just going sleep-deprived crazy? Feed them both one drop again. Turned my iPad off.

Rustling in the nest means awake babies! Had a quick hold in my sleepy state before giving them a few drops of milk each and returning them to bed.

The boyfriends talking in his sleep again – its not relevant but I am awake at this hour when no-one should be!!!

Hold the babies and realise they both feel cold! Wake up the boyfriend to warm them in his hand whilst I change the hot water bottle – oops I forgot about that! Couple of drops of milk later, they’re back in bed.

Frantically wake up realising I’ve overslept my hourly feed! Give them a couple of drops each and put them back in their toasty nest.

Everyones awake. Jeeves’ belly still looks massive but his appetite hasnt gone away! One chunk of carrot later and I dig out Monty who had once again crawled underneath the kitchen roll. Cheeky thing 🙂

Listening to a hell of a lot of rustling. May as well not go back to sleep now. My sleepy-eyes will be with me all day. No change there.

I can hear nibbling! WHY CAN I HEAR NIBBLING?!

Monty does a big wee in his cage – no help needed! I’m so proud :’D

Ready to go to the shops and pick up some essentials. Big milk feed to fill their bellies in the mean time though 😛

Got back from shops with a tasty apple in tow. Straight away the babies both tuck in – never seen them so excited. I think they licked it more than nibbled it though… mmm juicy!

Milk feed whilst watching a bit of the olympics :’) Feeling super tired, but had a little something to eat so feeling a bit perkier.

Checked my emails and I have the most lovely message from a blogger called Singing in the Rain who gave me some fabulous advice on Eve and the babies. There is even a post dedicated to us so check it out please! 

I find both babies hiding underneath the kitchen roll, am I missing something? Surely the plastic base isnt THAT comfy?!

Got both my boys out for a cuddle. However now that they’ve discovered their teeth, there is a lot of nipping going on. Naughtyyyyy!

Yummy yummy apple chunks 😛 One each and then a wander around their cage 😀 SUPER CUTE!

Jeeves has had a wee and a poo. I genuinely clapped. I might be losing my marbles here.

A milk feed for both bubs. They both threw a strop and tried to bite the pipette. NOM NOM NOM!

Is everyone bored of my day yet?

Just finished munching my lunch, should probably feed my furries 🙂

Just caught Monty munching the apple slice on his own! WHAT A CLEVER BOY!!

That just about concludes of 24 hours in the day of me recently.
Its long its tiring and its repetitive but I still have both of my boys which makes me a very happy owner.

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5 thoughts on “24 hours caring for baby hamsters

  1. WOW! That’s it. Just wow.

  2. Really good to see them eating real food now. You are doing so well.

  3. I’ve awarded you the Blog on Fire Award! Congratulations! Details are here… http://cupcakepetrillo.wordpress.com/2012/08/02/award-on-fire/
    Love and licks,

    • *bows head* chuffed to pieces doesnt quite cut it. IM ECSTATIC 🙂 thankyouthankyouthankyou, lots of lvoe from our furry friends ❤

  4. Definitely going to have to give up on a social life whilst doing this. I cannot believe you have the energy to keep up the blog. Well done – you are doing a fabulous job!!!

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