The Sunday Riddle #7

So last Sundays Riddle was as followed:
What begins with ‘t’, ends in ‘t’ and has a ‘t’ in it??

Wellthe ANSWER:

A teapot of course!
Cupcake you were superduper close with teacup and Hutch A Good Life you were spot on! Well done guys!!!

So for the next brainteaser…

What has a head, a tail, is brown, and has no legs???

Have to say I love this riddle/puzzle! One of my favs, so enjoy it! :))


Not going to lie, its been a harrowing few days.
Its heartbreaking to think at the start of this week, we still had 13 beautiful babies. But the liver failure defect that seems to have plagued the litter has taken 11 little lives.
Little Ralph, who was being handreared with two others, passed away in the late hours of last night. He passed peacefully and quickly in my hands after a routine milk feed. Poor little guy 😦

But this is not a sad day. We still have two veryyyyy cute babies.

Monty and Jeeves.
These two have become my world the last week.
The hourly feeds are draining and exhausting but everytime they nuzzle my hand, its so worth it!
This afternoon they have both managed to eat tiny amounts of carrot and cucumber which is a HUGE step on the road to an independent hamster 😀 They still require regular milk feeds but as soon as they can feed on solids on their own I can reduce the milk feeds to every 3 hours and then off completely.

They represent all the bubbies we’ve lost over the last week.
They signify all the heartbreak, all the hurt and all the tears the last week has brought.
These two mean everything.

Spending every waking hour tending to their every need has made them so much more important to me. Its crazy how two tiny weeny little things, who are still blind, can mean so much.

Looking back on the last week, I would not have bred Eve with Dexter.
Its been a horrendously stressful and depressing experience. I spend every waking minute worrying – thats not right surely?!
However, if these two beauts can make it – I will be a happy bunny.

Eve is swelling up with her uneaten milk and Dexter is as hyper as ever – just for those who want an update. 🙂
Stress-free hamsters makes it slightly more worth it I think. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “The Sunday Riddle #7

  1. First of all, Monty and Jeeves look handsome and strong. So yay. Second of all, I KNOW this answer!! It’s too soon to say it, but it’s not a mechanical hamster and I tried to eat one once!

    Love and licks,

  2. The riddle answer is either a penny or a brown fish! Whee hope whee get it right!

    As for Monty and Jeeves, boys, this is your Furry Godparents squeaking. Whee demand you full attentions. You are going to live and grow and be strong and fluffy and one day you will open your eyes and see pigtures of us, your handsome uncles. Then you will see that, no matter what you have been through, you are loved. Yes whee are being vaguely soppy. Don’t be silly, whee are very boarly. Give us a very masculine hug lads and live the way your siblings would want you to. That means partying, staying up late and winding up hoomans but first you need to grow. So get on it!

    Uncle Nibbles, Uncle Nutty, Uncle Bingo & Uncle Buddy

  3. Nurul Afiqah

    Oh you already have babies? Oh my god they were so cute ! And I’m sorry for the lost ( for those who didn’t survive )

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