Mother Nature Vs. The World

So once again a downer to the day, another bubby has been lost sadly.

At 8 babies, there are still plenty for a happy brood. In fact expecting 6-8 to make it to full growth is an expected figure.

Its very sad, granted.

But as a fellow Blogger said yesterday, this is nature unfolding in front of us. Eve’s instincts are guiding her through motherhood and these smaller babies – that wouldnt make it – are going and Eve is focusing her attentions on the healthy survivors.
When you have a brood of 13, you cant blame her for this. Times are tough and she is doing her best.

I will photograph my orchid in a following post as I have written on it the names of all the babies lost. I shall dedicate a post to these bubs when the time is right and I am confident that I don’t lose anymore!

The remaining 8 are growing very well it has to be said. There is one smaller baby which concerns me as I dont know whether this one will pull through the crucial stages of growth.

They are getting so big now its scary to think they are only a week old(ish).

The patterns are GORRRRGEOUS!

I cant wait for their fur to proper grow because their coats are going to be DIVINE!

I am also compiling a day by day photo post of the babies so we can see all in one post the progress these little bubbies have made šŸ˜€ Its actually so cute knowing how much they’ve grown.

And its heartbreaking that in a few weeks this whole baby experience will be over as the babies will all move on.

At least I will be keeping one myself! Another hammy – WINNER!

Thanks for being patient with the blog if these baby posts aren’t your cup of tea šŸ˜›



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6 thoughts on “Mother Nature Vs. The World

  1. Poor tiny Bubs. Nature. Hate it. Love it. I will say the larger babies are starting to look like little piglets. They’re hilarious.

  2. Oh dear. They’re crossed!

  3. ooh that’s soo sad:( They’re crossed here too, I really hope the rest will make it, they look sooo cute!

  4. šŸ˜¦ Hopefully the rest with survive… I know how it feels to lose pet-babies, and even though you’ve only just met them your instantly in love so its really upsetting when they die šŸ˜¦ We bred our pet rabbits a few years ago, the first litter all died after the first night and we lost one baby from the next two litters (we stopped after that). Apparently its very common for rabbits to lose their first litter though, and as with many animals its common for at least some to die. It really is hard to deal with though and I completely know how you feel. I really hope the rest manage to survive, and I’m thinking of you and Eve! (and Dexter of course šŸ™‚ )

  5. Whee hope you don’t mind but whee cannot bring ourselves to like these sad post. Whee are reading and very much mourning the loss of each god child. Whee just want to tell the others to stay strong and healthy.

    Protective piggy whiffles.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy

  6. I just can’t believe it! It was an incredibly large litter and they are just so tiny, and Eve is only one mummy! Lucky she has you and Dexter for support.
    Pleeease mother nature let this be the last loss post!
    On the other hand the surviving bubbies are growing so fast! I LOVE the piccy of the little one yawning (is it yawning? lol) so cuuute!

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